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Fun anecdote: Making NON-Whole30 treats for a baby shower

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So, LONG before I heard about W30, I said I'd host a baby shower. I love to cook and make fun treats for stuff like this, and I knew this would be no different.


So, in a break from my insanely healthy past 12 days... last night, I dipped pretzel sticks in chocolate, dashed them with crumbled graham crackers dyed green (think of edible logs with moss) and made peanut butter balls and dipped them in chocolate (think acorns or buckeyes, for you Ohio State fans). Chocolate cupcakes are next, topped with Oreo cookies, candy corns and Reese Pieces (making Owl-face cupcake toppers).


Gotta say... I worked as fast as I could but enjoyed the creative process but resisted the temptation to lick that spot of chocolate off my hand, and lick the spoon of leftover peanut butter (even though it was crappy peanut butter) and mourned its waste as I quickly tossed into the sink (into a pot of water, no less)...


Being at a party a few days earlier with THREE different kinds of pie and HOMEMADE chocolate cake helped build up the ability to resist. 


And what's funny. I'm not that big of a sweets person. I love making the stuff, just not eating it.


However, the meal - Minestrone Soup and Chicken Salad: Making the guests a regular version of the soup (I made a paleo version for myself last week and reserved some for my own bowl) but Whole30 chicken salad ... with the option of croissants. 


I think it'll be OK. 

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