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Hubs and I do Whole 30


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Day 1, here we go.  It took me gosh, 30 days to get Hubs on board but now he's all in!!  


We spent a few days piloting meals and items here and there and I think what he found was it's not all that far from how we eat 80% of the time and it's a new cooking challenge (and we like cooking challenges!) 


I was strict paleo for 6 months a few years ago and felt marvelous.  I've wanted to return to that way of eating but it has been hard getting going and sticking to it.  We are foodie types, cooking is our hobby so it has been easy to say I'll get back to it later.  I am not so worried about my ability to do this as it is not all that far from what I have done.  Hoping that with Hubs doing it with me that it will shift overall how we eat longer term.  Also hoping to feel and sleep better, get back to that place of so much energy bouncing off the walls and in general mood and disposition a bit sunnier.  All were the case while paleo.  I am also hoping this decreases the frequency and intensity of my migraines.  This did not change while paleo so perhaps there is something else that triggers them that will be identified taking things 1 step further.


This weekend we shopped and prepped.  We like grocery shopping and hitting farmers markets so for us it was entertainment.  We are already talking about what we can create and modify.  I think it will be fun!


Last night I made an enormous frittata: onions, mushrooms, peppers, kale, a few shreds of sweet potato for binding, homemade chorizo and I think 10 eggs.  It filled my cast iron skillet...the big one!  It was good to have this ready to slice up for breakfast.  I also ate a persimmon and 3 pretty thick slices of avocado with breakfast.  Love avocado. 


What do I think I will miss?  red wine for sure, my homemade spiced plum jam, and dark chocolate.  I also put almond milk in my coffee which I cannot do without as coffee is tough on my stomach + I don't like the taste of black coffee.  So I have made some cold-brewed coffee and have some almonds soaking for almond milk.  I did buy the TJ's cold brew but don't like the flavor so I did add some coconut milk but not much.  I'll drink the TJ's stuff it but it will need some doctoring.  Hoping my cold brew is tasty. 


For lunch I've planned a big salad.  My paleo staple: greens, avocado, chicken, beets, peppers, a hard boiled egg and evoo/balsamic.  A monster salad I create and it sustains me for hours.  Dinner we've planned a curry of some sort.  We bought a cauliflower the size of a basketball this weekend.  It weighed 6lbs, no kidding!  So I think I'll do a cauli/chicken/peppers curry of some sort.  We'll be eating cauli all week.  Over the weekend did mashed cauliflower and it was outstanding!  So sure that is on the menu at some point. 



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It is noon and I am oddly starving.  I think it is psychosomatic as breakfast was no different than normal and if anything I ate more.  But right now I am hungry, head feels woozy and I think I could start shaking any time soon.  Good thing I am not around other people and will be distracted on a call for the next hour as I could get hangry.  I look forward to lunch at 1 after my meeting as I will be ready!  I have a huge salad on deck and waiting for me.

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Wrapping up day 1:


Breakfast:  frittata, persimmon, avocado slices, coffee w/coconut milk

Lunch:  Big salad with a whole chicken breast, far more than I'd normally put on a salad, more avocado, 1 hb egg, evoo/bals vinegar, arugula, lettuce, peppers

Dinner: another slice of frittata, a huge pile of mashed cauliflower

Snack: fake larabar


I know that snacks are taboo but I suspected I'd need it to make it through the day and so glad I had it.  Good thing as I was pretty hungry by dinner since I had an after work meeting.  I am surprised by my level of hunger.  Was I eating more between meals than I realized?  Was I eating more carbs than I realized?  Not sure but while today was easy in terms of eating compliant, I was definitely hungry before meals and I do think I am eating plenty. We'll see if tomorrow is better.


Hubs is all in he says.  We had to discuss the finer points of why sweet potato chips with compliant ingredients are not OK....my "if you have trouble stopping yourself from devouring an entire basket of chips at a Mexican restaurant, you should avoid"....He seemed to get it when put that way. 


I had planned on making curry tonight for dinner over cauliflower "rice" but hubby's late decision to go out with a friend and getting home late meant I didn't feel like going through the effort to cook something for dinner. 



  • Having some pre-made good food is going to be essential.  if I get home late and starved I may just grab something.  Having my frittata on hand made it easy to make a quick and compliant dinner.  Something I can unthaw and eat when home late or short on time will be a good idea. 
  • Sparkling water is good to have on hand.  Gives me something to "sip" in a place that serves nothing but booze items.

I have a trip this weekend with friends.  I'll need to notify them in advance that I won't be drinking wine.  The food part will be easy as they are accustomed to my no-grains thing.  It will be fine but I'll need their encouragement.  When deciding "when do we start???" There was no "good" date without events.... so it made sense to start today but this weekend will be a challenge unless I manage to cross over to feeling awesome and inspired by Thursday....

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You sound like you're starting off so strong!  How fun to be able to enjoy the preparation process and to find things like a six pound cauliflower.  My husband and I did Whole30 over a year ago and it was really good.  The improvement in sleep was huge and was probably the thing that my husband liked the most and misses the most.  A good night's sleep is something special.  Cheers to your new journey with your hubs!

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Hi Emma - thank you! So far yes, good but a long way to go! My husband came home from work with another cauliflower if you can believe it! A work friend gave it to us as a gift - she liked the mashed cauli we made this weekend :-)

Are you and your husband still predominately W30 followers? It seems like having this extra support will really help and indeed I cannot wait to sleep!

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Day 2 begins.

My last few Paleo attempts fell apart on day 2.... not going to happen this time.

Slept - OK but not great. Still awake at 5am :-( wish I could just go back to sleep. I cannot wait for that to change!

Some cooking planned today.... zucc and sweet pot latkes. Hoping to make the turkey and spinach cups in Well Fed. That and my curry from last night that went unmade. With 2, 6lb cauli's in my fridge I think I'll also make up a batch of smashers. Easy way to add a veggie to any meal.

The almond milk and CB coffee turned out great. I put cinnamon in the almond milk and its tasty. I made it without the dates so it's pretty light - just what my coffee needs to whiten it a bit. I need to get a nut bag though as there are tiny little grits of almonds - it's fine but a nutbag will help.

I have a 5 mile walk planned with a friend so need to go re-read the exercise thing. Not sure I need a pre-meal but it will be afternoon and dinner is late again. Looking forward to the mental clarity, energy and general optimism Paleo brings. Oh and when the puffiness is gone from my face that will be pretty sweet too.

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Hey Michele... Rock on... Im on Day 2 as well.... Did a day of prep yesterday... Turkey burgers, shredded beef, mayo, creamer...going to roast a whack of veggies this morning... then off to a spin class then work..... we'll see how this day goes... HAVE A GOOD DAY!!

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I plan to track the following themes each day to see how they align to the what to expect and what I am experiencing.  Day 1 was definitely "what is the big deal??" OK for us both.  I think hubs is enjoying the challenge.


Day 2


Expect: "the hangover" (day 2 and 3)

Reality: not so far... hopefully I won't because I've been working up to this for a good week....maybe I'll also skip, "kill all things..."  one can dream.  :P  No hangover!! 


Sleep: terrible but no better/worse than has been the case for months....woke up before 5 and was up


Energy: pretty good!


Mood: good!  neither better nor worse than normal.  Hubs did say he had a moment of crabbiness in the evening but it passed.


Food (aka what I ate)

  • Breakfast: coffee w/homemade almond milk, slice of frittata, sweet pot/zucc latke
  • Lunch: ground turkey and veggies made in to mini meatloaf's with mashed cauli and a persimmon
  • Dinner: red curry with chicken, sweet potato, red pepper and onion
  • Snacks:  No snack was needed today btwn L and D.  At dinner I was not starving.  Did not eat enough at dinner which I had a hunch and then knew it mid-way through a show... had half of a larabar that was in my purse and then a bite of chicken and 2 slices avocado when I got home.  I had to eat something or I knew I would not sleep

Interesting in that normally I am not hungry nor do I eat after dinner.  Either I am not eating enough at dinner or through the day and it's compounding.  All in all a good day.  Hubs said he's liking the challenge of when he wants something, thinking, "how about an apple with almond butter" vs his normal go to mindless grab and eat snacking.  I think that is a good shift for him.


Day two in the books!!

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We stuck with Whole30-esque for about a year.  We went out to eat once or twice a week and we drank beer, but on a whole, we were pretty good - until this last April.  I got depressed and we'd been traveling and then the addictive foods just snuck right in and took over.  And I let them.  And who argues against bread and chips and chocolate and more nights out to dinner! Not my family. :) But we've all been feeling the difference.  And I guess that's why it's good to fall apart - because then you appreciate the differences.


I laughed when I read your hopes of skipping Kill All Things.  I hoped I skipped it, but then realized that the day I was totally annoyed at my husband for pretty much everything was a real life Kill All Things day - I just wasn't aware when I was in it.  Hopefully if you get it, it's mild.  Thankfully, it passes.


Best wishes tomorrow!

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Day 3 begins!


Expect: The hangover (day 2 and 3)

Reality: am.  Nope!!  And for someone that often wakes up with a headache this is marvelous :D This is day 2 of 2 of the hangover...hoping I skipped it...

<8:45am update...>  feeling a bit like a slug... maybe it's the dreary weather.  OK I might have to admit "the hangover" feeling today...

<10:47am update>  feeding like crap...officially. seriously want a nap. It may not be a very productive day.  Hoping Pilates at lunch helps!

<2pm update> Pilates helped... a lot, feeling more normal but tired.  My "office time" may be "nap time"


Sleep: Not bad... woke up once, 3am but fell back asleep until 5:45.  Hooray!!  I can live with that.  I felt like I got enough, slept well enough.  Part of it I think is I walked 5 brisk miles yesterday... due to my foot pain I've not been exercising... I did it, foot feels OK today so I am ready for more.


Mood: So far so good. 



  • Breakfast: cb coffee & hm alm milk, the last piece of my frittata, a sweet pot/zucc/onion latke.  Late lunch today so hope this holds me.  Post breakfast?  Feeling tired...
  • Lunch: salad with chicken, a hb egg, cauliflower, avocado, oil and balsamic, a pluot
  • Dinner: a few black olives, baker with ground beef, onions, greens, salsa and avocado, half a persimmon

Drug out my two Paleo cookbooks today... some very good options.  We are pondering a full Whole30 Thanksgiving.  We will be "done" by then but Hubs said: for a meal where we celebrate eating wayyy too much, knowing we will do it and feel awful after, wouldn't it be cool to eat too much, feel OK and know that because of what we eat it's no big deal.... Fun idea. 


Noticing I get tired of meat.  I know my body likes veggies, meat and good fats but I personally get tired of meat and don't always want it.  I am missing beans.  White beans, black beans, Corona beans.  Beans Beans Beans.  It is the only thing I miss so far... just felt like a different protein source for lunch today.  The chicken and hb egg were fine... I just noticed I would have preferred some beans. 


I was a slug all afternoon, no energy, just wanted to nap.  I think I am not getting enough carbs and remember from my paleo days that if I dipped too low, I'd get this same sluggish feeling.  If I let it go too many days I'd get woozy and light headed.  In looking at my meals the first few days I'd say that is the culprit.  Hubby also noted he felt he needed something more substantial hence the baker idea.  It tasted great and felt filling.  I noticed I didn't want the entire potato - he ate his but he has a screaming metabolism.  I felt full and satisfied until bed. 

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Hi Emma - Wow a year, impressive!!  I swear that is how it happens. A little becomes a lot and then its back to the old normal. 


I think there is a connection for sure between what is in our food and how it triggers our brains.


Do you notice a connection between stress/depression/addictive foods?  While W30'ing, depression is not a factor?  While not, it is more likely to creep in?  I was strict paleo for 6 months a few years ago and my mood and general outlook were so positive.  I felt like I could take on the world.  I do have emotion related food triggers and those were gone.  It was quite freeing I recall.  I also was one to say "those people that say they don't get hungry and forget to eat??  Yeah right"  Seriously didn't believe it but wow, I got there too...Food did lose it's hold on me.  I so look forward to getting back there again.

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Day 4 begins!!  Also known as, 3 days of Kill ALL the things!


Expect: Days 3/4 Kill ALL the things!

Reality: Not so far, slight headache but feel OK, carbs last night helpful?

<9am update> headache heading my way...otherwise feeling OK

<2pm update> feeling pretty darn good!!!  No headache, feeling pretty energetic overall

<4:20pm> feel good, no urge to kill all things (whew) but lacking motivation to pack... and feeling nervous about a girls weekend in wine country and not drinking wine...what was I thinking? 


Sleep:  Slept through the night!!!  HOORAY!!  Still woke up very early but slept well :-)  So did Hubs... he never sleeps through the night, not sure if there is a a connection here but hope so.


Mood: In general fine, so looking forward to getting past this phase.  Mood pretty good in the afternoon.



  • Breakfast: leftover beef/potato/salsa/avocado from last night, coffee and alm milk
  • Lunch: leftover 1/3 baker, 1/2 chicken breast, heap of salsa, 1/4 avocado and pile of caulismashers.  I wasn't overly hungry (hooray! and didn't feel like eating until 1:30) 
  • Dinner: zucchini "pasta" with meat sauce.  Canned tomatoes from garden

Tomorrow I leave on a trip that will likely include lots of people drinking wine.  Curious to see if I make it through.  I intend to do so and if I don't, and need to start again on Tues, I won't beat myself up.


Learning for the day - oh indeed I am far hungrier related to PMS.  I suspected but OMG suspect that is the reason for the profound hunger the past 2 days...  It is not with me today.  Breakfast was fine until lunch and now we'll see how I do til dinner.  Might need more carbs durin that time too.


Hubs just came home saying he feels awesome, he has no cravings, this isn't that hard and he's full of energy.  Kill.all.things.  Does it apply to the spouse that is fully on board sharing this experience with you?  Meh.  Must be PMS.  Must be.  I was the one that wanted to do this.  I recall paleo being amazing out of the gate.  Not so this time.  Frustrating.  Very curious as to whether this is more about PMS and less about W30.

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Day 5 (seriously? it is only day 5???) Normally it seems as if the days fly by each week. It is Thursday night so fast. Thurs again! Yahoo! And then just as quickly, Sunday night, meh, back to work.... I have commented to hubs often that time flies by, the weeks go so quickly and if I could only slow things down....

Well, on Whole 30, the days and the first week are endless. It feels like I have been at this forever.

I am thinking food had a much more emotional pull over me than I realized. While I was not eating all that differently before starting, the rigidness of the last 10% is a bigger deal than expected. Paleo? Easy. W30? Another ballgame.

As foodies while we are having fun with the challenge of making things, we are somewhat bored with the ingredients. On one hand we are really forcing ourselves to be creative and have made some yummy things. On the other, there is a depth and richness our food is missing, even though we are avid followers of Eat on the Wild Side and our foundation is the most colorful veggies from our garden and high quality meats. Because I am celiac, we are already label readers, opting for making our own vs using processed/packaged and yet, I wonder if even that slightest trace amount of sugar or salt is an issue.

I will keep at it as obviously there is something that does need to shift. Some sort of emotional hold or I am far more sensitive than I realized to the additional crap in food. I could go on my soapbox for days about how big agra food is slowly killing us all with low nutritionally dense foods, chemicals, additives, pesticides, herbicides, etc. After this? I am even more convinced.

Now that I am post-PMS I hope the hunger that would not be satisfied normalizes. Eating just 3 meals a day was hard but after reading about PMS and hunger I am hopeful it is no longer an issue.

At this moment I think it is likely I will make it through a 4 day trip to wine country not drinking wine as I simply do not want to start over!

Fri morning rant.... (is this kill all things mode?)

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Day 5


Expect: day 2 of 2 - kill.all.the.things

Reality: other than my early morning rant so far so good.


Sleep: Slept great, still waking up at 5am but I am sleeping the entire night


Mood: I am not sure how to describe it.  I can feel a little caged animal and at the same time it only makes me more determined.  If this is indeed food related I sincerely hope 30 days of this improves my wellbeing.



  • Breakfast: a pile of sweet pot, zucc and onion 'hash' with 2 fried eggs.  Goodness I am tired of eggs already.  I do not LOVE them to begin with.  These fried eggs were hard to choke down.  I hope I can get more of the farm eggs by my mom's soon.  Even high quality farmers market eggs are not doing it right now
  • Lunch: will be on the road

I am not 100% sure but I think my pants feel slightly looser today...


I leave for my trip this morning.  All food will be out/on the road or prepared in our cabin.  Biggest threat is going to be wine.  Day to day no wine is fine but with a group of buddies in wine country?  Even the most resolved me may be challenged...





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A paleo Thanksgiving sounds great!  I'd like for us to at least have a number of paleo options.


Certainly this last summer I got depressed which allowed me to open the door to the junky foods, but I think a bit of the depression might have been triggered by the increase in junky foods I'd been already eating while traveling.  I think I've got a pretty low thresh hold for eating the SAD foods and being able to stay in balance.  And then once I was eating badly, I was so set on continuing to do so and to watch my body just puff right up and nothing in me liked it, yet I didn't put on any brakes.  It's weird stuff and I definitely think there's a connection.


A group of friends in wine country!  Oh, that does sound rough.  I think I'd try for soda water in a wine glass, but it's not the same at all.  But you're already Day Five and it's no fun to start again so try to stay the course!!!  (And have fun!)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Emma - That is the plan anyway :-)  for the W30 Thanksgiving.  Really more paleo is the likelihood.  I hear ya on the cycle... I know I feel in far better spirits, more energy, more optimistic, etc when pure/paleo eating.  I do think there is a connection.  If I add just 30 mins of exercise in to the mix with good eating?  An even higher level of feeling great.


I did not make it through wine/girls weekend without wine  I was fully W30 compliant other than wine.  It just didn't feel right...so I had wine 2 of the 3 nights.  I knew consciously the choice I was making and it felt OK. 


All that said, it is Monday, I am now on Day 8, wishing I was on day 15 with my hubby!  The halfway point the lucky duck...


I've had a tough time w/dizzy, woozy and not feeling "here" and of course... headaches... Vestibular migraines I believe and today is finally better.  No idea if it is W30 related.  But hope I am past it as it was scary.  I also am doing this hoping the migraines subside.  Not so far :(


Day 8: 

Breakfast - frittata, piece of bacon, half a persimmon, coffee w/hm alm milk


Lunch -  oh goodness.  at a conference and could eat none of the food!  Thank goodness for my almonds and apple.  Not a good meal but compliant.  I'll pay for eating so many almonds.  I had to have a snack when I got home.  1/4 of a red pepper and a few bites of cooked ground turkey.


Dinner - big pile of cauli rice and leftover gumbo


Food is going OK, we are finding things we like to eat, enjoying the challenge of converting things to compliant, adding in more veggies, etc.  We are enjoying the food.  Miss a few things for sure but my ultimate goal with all of this is that I remain paleo after the fact and I think I will!

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Day 9, here we go! 


Very tired today... this is "pants are tight" day.  May that not be the case... Overall tired.  Daylight savings which I abhor, is killing me.  Instead of waking up at 5:45 which is my Whole30 and Paleo nightmare, I am waking up at 4:45!  Last night I was dog-tired and asleep on the couch by 8pm :-(  I am sleeping, and sleeping through the night, but getting up this early is not fun. 


I am not sure if I feel out of it due to sleep being off or what.  In general the weird feeling out it, not clear headed is better.


I am at day 9, hubby has hit the second half of this adventure.  He said that he's not feeling remarkably better in any way but has noticed slight differences across the board.  He thinks he will remain committed to no sugar, limited additives, watch the bad carbs but he's not liking all of the meat consumption.  Finds it limiting and he just doesn't like eating so much meat.  This week we plan to focus on fish.  Who knows, maybe when we can intro some "paleo treats" for a little flexibility he'll feel different.  But he's moving towards a shift in how we eat longer term so that is good.  I am hoping for us both H2 (days 16-30) produce some sort of shift or more radical feeling of heath and wellness but we'll see...  I don't want to be one of those people that end this thing and say well I did it, but it didn't change my life.


Breakfast - 1/4 of a frittata, 1/2 piece of bacon (wish there was more) coffee and alm milk, 1/2 of a persimmon.  Not sure this is enough.  Maybe my brain needs more fuel.  Will eat another piece of frittata to see if it helps.  Lunch will be late and breakfast was very early.


Lunch - ground turkey, red peppers and a huge pile of kale, 1/2 a persimmon


Dinner - a cup of butternut squash soup with coconut milk, cod coated in ground walnuts, macadamia nuts, orange zest and baked (oh my this was delicious!!) 


all in all a good food day and I felt pretty good all day.

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Oh, I hope you and your hubby get the tiger blood.  I know it happens for many.  It didn't happen for us, but Whole30 did change our lives -just not immediately.  We slept better and felt better and rebounded from colds better, but it wasn't until we'd been eating clean for a number of months that we really started appreciating the differences.  I think about how many years my poor gut has been dealing with the onslaught of foods it can't handle and then figure it's gonna take more than just 30 days.  


I remember getting hit with the meat overload as well.  It's rough.  I think eventually you start finding the meals that really work and then the meat is part of the meal, but not so obvious and meaty!


Bummer that you had to start over, but thankfully a start over a week in isn't as rough going as an initial start and you're already back where you were!  It's amazing how fast time can fly by.  Hope you start feeling better and glad you both are still working on the process!

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Me too!  I know it is changing how we eat going forward.  I year + or so we read "Eat on the Wild Side" and completely changed our approach to veggies to focus more on "wild" versions and changing how we cook them.  We have had a good focus on veggies since as a result.  I've wanted to get back to Paleo but haven't lasted more than a day or two so hoped this would serve as a kick start.  Having hubby on board this time means it won't be just me.  I am starting to feel more energetic, happy and optimistic, the desire to snack is gone, my clothes are feeling different so all in all I am getting there. 


Adding fish in this week has been good (why we weren't eating it not sure, we love fish) and making some soups (butternut curry oh sooo good!) to keep adding veggies has also helped.  I am not so turned off by the meat. My body loves this way of eating and I am not afraid to eat a lot of high quality meat and my system likes it so for me this is not an issue.


The starting over will be OK, you are right, it wasn't rough in terms of food adjustments, just makes it feel like a whole 38 B)

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Day 10!!  (which means I am 1/3 through!)


Expect: "the hardest days"


I don't think this will be the case... as I am kinda really on day 17, I think I already hit that last week which was kinda miserable.  I am finally feeling pretty good, my body is changing, less puffy, clothes are feeling the slightest bit loose, my mood is good, I am sleeping through the night.  I am also seeing that my desire to use a W30 to return to Paleo will be pretty natural.  So all in all I feel like I have turned a corner...


Breakfast - frittata, turkey sausage, coffee/alm milk, 1/3 of a sweetpot with a drizzle of evoo.  There is a very long gap between breakfast and lunch today.  7am  - 1:30pm.  Probably need to eat a larger lunch or plan for a snack of some sort...I think I am gonna be famished!


I did have a snack before leaving as I was already hungry: a hunk of sweet potato, olive oil and a little ground/cooked turkey.  I probably need to eat more at breakfast or plan to eat lunch earlier.


Lunch - an enormous salad with: lettuces, arugula, a hb egg, a handful of shredded chicken, black olives, artichoke hearts, shredded beets and carrots, olive oil and balsamic.  Didn't eat the entire thing as I was so full.  I bought an avocado to go on it and decided I had plenty of fat with the evoo and olives.  Did not finish the chicken as I was full, full, full.


Dinner - oh my.... pork tenderloin pounded, stuffed and rolled with mushrooms, kale, onions.  OMG Good.  Sautéed kale and sweet peppers with coconut amino acids (a little sweet but nice flavor)  I was not really hungry to start but did eat.  I think a "reverse meal plan" may be good for me.  Biggest meal = breakfast, substantial meal = lunch, lightest meal = dinner.


A really good day.  Really!!  Feel pretty darn good, tonight I could barely eat dinner as I was plenty full.  While I really wanted a glass of wine, I of course didn't... but I am sure going to enjoy having a small glass with dinner when the time comes.  Hubs made some sweet potato chips to go with his baba ganoosh.  And he ate just a few... pretty tasty actually.


Super excited that Hubs ran through his after W30 plan.  What he plans to stick with and what he will add back in moderation.  Sounds like he is on board to migrate to a version of Paleo that works for us.  I think while we are in a good grove in general, we will be ready to be done and yikes I have a long way to go!

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Day 11 - the hardest days...


I can see how these could be the hardest days as I am not quite to the halfway point but still closer to the 1/3rd point...I still think I have already gone through this so may I not go through it again. 


I woke up (again!) with a slight headache.  This is an annoying daily thing... nothing huge, probably not a migraine but a headache no doubt.  Coffee didn't help (yet) which means ibuprofen in my future.  I wish I could not take anything as I do wonder what negatives affects there may be or what benefits I am not experiencing.  I am sure there is something.


Still waking up at horribly early hours...today was 4:30am.  Might be part of the headache.  I am desperate to sleep later... I am not getting my normal 7-7.5 hours.  I am going to be when I am tired but cannot sleep in at all.  Sleeping through the night, sleeping soundly but tired.


Breakfast: first day of eating a larger breakfast and smaller meals as the day goes on.  hoping I feel better overall.  Ate: omelet with ground turkey, onion, mushrooms, sweet peppers, kale.  One egg since I added the turkey.  1/4 avocado, coffee and almond milk.  We have bacon fat from our spendy "compliant" bacon last weekend.  Oh sooooo good for cooking up the veggies!


Lunch: ground turkey, sautéed peppers, kale over a sweet potato.  1/4 of an avocado.  Was full.  Didn't like the variety of sweet potato so I didn't eat it... won't buy those again.


Dinner: leftover pork from previous night, roasted sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts.  2 chicken wings from hubbys Paleo football night stack of wings!


Learning - the eat a ton at breakfast, a hearty lunch and the smallest meal at dinner worked very well.  I ate til I thought I'd burst in the morning (before 7) and was fine when I ate lunch at noon.  Hungry but not famished.  Dinner?  We ate at 7 and I wasn't hungry but I ate - but less than if I was beyond hungry.  Will keep this going.

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Day 12, Day 12, Day 12!!!


Expect:  boundless energy and crazy cravings! 


This sounds about right... I have really great energy today.  Close to that "bouncing off the walls can't sit still" that I have had before while Paleo.  Today I did not wake up with a headache and slept until 5am.  Progress.  Serious progress!  Clothes feel good!!!  Slightly looser and I feel more slender.  My skin is looking good.  My pants fit in a really great way.  I am dreaming not of twinkies or snickers but of buying a smaller sized pair of jeans. :wub:


Cravings?  If I have any I know they will be for wine...that seems to be the proverbial twinkie for me yet at the same time, with these constant dull headaches?  I would not drink it right now anyway... so yup - cravings.  The natural protester in me is protesting rules I know I won't break.


I am experiencing this kind of weird "bound by 30 days..." meaning I am so badly wanting to be at day 30 for some reason.  Yet, if my 30 days were over, I'd eat the same thing.  I am finally past that threshold I could not get past when trying to get back to Paleo.  The food cravings are gone, the hunger is gone, the desire for the icky foods is gone.  I am loving what I am eating and what we are experiencing eating.  I love the challenge.  But lordy me I wish the 30 days was over as it feels like, let me get back to my (new) normal.  Weird, I know.  It sounds weird as I type it.  I am almost to the halfway point.  I look forward to whatever magic happens on the home stretch.  Hubs is at day 19.  I wish I could say that his stomach issues were better - they are not.  But he too is feeling better, thinner and sleeping. 


HA!  Just noticed my status has been moved to "advanced member" Nice way to start a Friday.  I don't feel super advanced but I know I am well on my way.

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Day 13: some serious tigers blood


I woke up today feeling marvelous.  hooray!!  Boundless energy indeed.  No crazy cravings...


I am becoming a nicer person on Whole30.  Seriously.  A nicer person.  My mood, outlook, interactions with people are shifting.  People that annoy me?  Not annoying me.  I have a very sunny outlook and feel like I can conquer the world.  May this stay with me as I like myself like this A LOT.




Breakfast:  I could not fathom downing eggs today so I made hash.  Onion, sweet peppers, zucchini, sweet potato sautéed in coconut oil with home made chorizo and 1/2 of an avocado.  Delicious!!  And a nice break from eggs which truly, I tolerate. 


It is time to further refine my food.  Get even more "pure" and see if it makes any difference.  I've not cheated once, been 100% food compliant but there is always room to improve as I learn more.  I am re-reading the food part of the book and it is reminding me that I can still make small adjustments and hopefully reap even greater rewards.  Already feeling serious tigers blood.



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I've just been reading your log, awesome work!! Nearly at the halfway mark for you, and sounds like you are feeling on the up too, well done.

I'm just finishing up day 10 here in Australia and was looking for a little more inspiration, and you have given me a great read, keep it up :)

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