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Whole organic chicken - What to do with it ?


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I cook a whole chicken in the crockpot at least once a week and it gets shredded up. I made a big bowl of chicken salad today that was heavy on the veggies with homemade mayo. I also like to mix up taco seasoning (I like the one on the marks daily apple blog) and make a chicken fajita sans tortilla of course. Makes a great topping on a sweet potato. I'll also just throw some on top of veggies with dressing for a regular salad. You could make chicken soup too.

When I'm not Whole30, I like to do BBQ with it.

Endless possibilities.

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Spatchcock it :)  Like this.


I just made one last night.  I think it was about 4 lbs.  I just put ghee, salt and pepper on it.  Preheated my cast iron skillet in a 400 degree oven.  Put the chicken on it (careful - I've burned my palm before... :/ ).  50 minutes or until internal temp is correct.  I stuck it back under the broiler on low to crisp up the skin a bit.  


Nomnompaleo also just posted a new easy weeknight roast chicken recipe last week.  


Make broth from the bones!

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