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Ouch!!! Coconut milk intolerance

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Hi all 


I just made a curry tonight with zucchini organic lean chicken mince and added coconut milk in it . I had turmeric cinnamon and also cumin as spices. 


I have blown up like a huge balloon my stomach is so uncomfortable. I look 2 months pregnant. 


This has happened before. Could it also be the chicken stock - which is home made? No added salt?


I dont think my stomach can tolerant coconut milk either can or in a carton whether it is in with the whole30 or not?


Is anyone else like this? 


I am in soooo much discomfort! Gassy, burpy an stomach gurgling.


Love and light  :wacko:

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Several thoughts...


The quick reaction you are reporting sure sounds like a food sensitivity.


I've never seen coconut milk in a carton that did not include off-plan ingredients. Specifically carageenan which is a big problem that often causes digestive problems. Before you conclude that your problem is coconut milk, you should be sure that you are using coconut milk without problematic additives. Basically, the Whole30 plan calls for coconut milk with nothing more than guar gum as a stabilizer. 


I have not heard reports of bloating in response to chicken, chicken stock, zucchini, or the spices you mentioned. 


You need salt in your diet. Unless your doctor has warned you that you have a special sensitivity to salt that requires special behavior, you should be cooking with salt because your body needs it. 

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