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Flabby and Fed Up


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I have had it with myself. I'm sitting here at my desk still bloated from last night's work happy hour and subsequent extravagant dinner, my hands are puffy and my skin itches. I have some fresh new pimples claiming their territory on my face, I looked at myself in the mirror this morning while getting dressed and it broke my heart to see an accomplished woman who is sad, and losing her battle with herself. Over the last few months I have let myself eat and drink to complacency. I have abused my body and have treated myself poorly, I have surrendered my personal sense of worth to moments of alcohol and food fueled anesthesia. It is time to deal with the problem, to cut out the distractions and really give myself time to heal my body and my spirit. So I am committing to 30 days of eating right, giving up booze and smokes and telling myself I am not good enough. I am giving myself this small gift. And it starts today.


xoxo Rebekah

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