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Thanksgiving Post-Whole30


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Brand new to the forum, and just finished up my first Whole30! But I need some advice on what to do going forward.


I'm actually on day 37 or something, and just haven't wanted to go back yet. (Although for some reason I seem to be having more sugar "desires" now after the 30 days than I did at any time during the Whole30! I have successfully ignored them, though.)


I haven't seen the results I would like and have a few ideas as to why. First, I wonder if I should have followed the AIP protocol, but didn't realize that until after my 30 days were up (toward the end I realized that those foods were giving me issues *facepalm*). I would like to try 30 days on AIP, to see if I get the healing my body needs, but I don't really think that's feasible until after the holidays. (I did this primarily to heal up some long-standing health issues I've been having, including Interstitial Cystitis, Endometriosis, and Diverticulitis.) I think these issues have started to clear up, but definitely not all healed. Second, sleep is hard for me. Getting enough that is. I'm working on it, but it is definitely WAY harder than eating the right foods (for me). We all have our own battles to fight. Third, I've not nearly had enough water. It's the only thing I drink, and yet... (again, working on it)


My biggest problem is Thanksgiving coming up. I'm not sure if I should try to do all my reintroduction days beforehand, or leave it until afterward. I don't really intend to eat anything that's not Paleo (I may splurge with a Paleo apple pie or something!), but with the holidays coming up immediately afterward (and mostly just the family gatherings and eating out), I'm concerned about being able to eat healthy. I've talked my mom into a Paleo Thanksgiving, but beyond that, I'm afraid I'm not going to have anything to eat at any holiday function that doesn't come from my own kitchen! I haven't eaten out since I started Whole30 because it seems like a whole lot more work than just cooking it myself. I definitely don't want to be in a situation where I would like to eat something off plan but have not gone through reintroduction.


I've seriously been stressing about eating the cheap turkey that has added broth. SERIOUSLY. I just can't afford the good stuff.


I'd actually like to just go 100% Paleo, but I know at some point I will be too worn out to ask the chef at a restaurant how he cooks his food, what all the ingredients are, or where they source their meat. (These are real concerns, people!) Or just the simple fact that some people in my family would take offense to me not eating their sugar-riddled, dairy-saturated dishes! I'm convinced I would not be able to eat a single thing at certain family functions. (I'm sure you can tell by now I'm not so good with confrontation. It's exhausting.)


It's not so much the obvious (breads, pastas, desserts) because those are easy. It's all the hidden offenders! Soy, gluten, non-gluten grains, MSG, dairy, etc. (Enter rant about how we are not allowed to question what's in our food in this country!) 


I guess I'm just scared to take off the training wheels. It seems so daunting! How did you guys figure it out? Any tips?




P.S. Thanks for sticking with me and reading this far. :)

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My advice would be to go ahead right now and try the reintroduction protocol. See where you have serious issues and where you don't. This will help you know what is and is not worth it for you. Once you know that you can start working with your family on making the holidays work for you. Last year I helped my mom by making a few paleo dishes to add to our feast and then I made decisions about was and wasn't worth it as I ate through the meal. 100% compliance to W30 rules 365 days a year is super stressful and not generally achievable unless your personal context really needs it. Even Dallas and Melissa are not 100% compliant all the time. What they do know (and what many of us veterans know) is how different things effect them so you can make informed decisions.


If after the holidays you still think you want to try the AIP protocol 90 days is what is recommended and no better time then the New Year to give it a shot.


As to not having the results you were hoping from your W30 could you be more specific about what you were hoping for and didn't see and give us some examples of your food, activity, sleep, water, and stress? This might help us help you identify areas that could be improved in a regular W30.

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