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Starting Sept 1st


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Hi my name is Jessika and I recently stumbled upon this program from someone I follow on instagram and thought I should check it out. Last December I did a 15 day juice cleanse that changed my life. Since then I've been living a mainly veggie lifestyle. Though I have to admit July and August I have fallen off the wagon a little which is what brought me here. I wanted to do something starting September 1st to get me back on track. I was thinking about doing the juice cleanse again, but I'm training to run my first Marathon on Nov. 4th and don't think I can run that many miles on just juice.

A few questions before I get started:

1. I have been mostly vegetarian this last few months, with the exception of the occasional fish. Will this program still be successful if I choose fish/eggs only as my source of protein?

2. What about Juicing? I sometimes like to replace my breakfast or lunch with a juice, is that a possibility?

3. Smoothies? I read all of the don't.. but what about protein powder? I like to enjoy a dairy free juice for my post workout meal sometimes

4. Any runners out there? I'm looking for advice on foods to eat pre and post long runs, for example 16+ miles

I welcome and appreciate all feedback.

Thank you!!

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Welcome! Vegetarians can experience significant improvements in their health doing a Whole30, but narrow protein choices does limit benefits.

The point of a Whole30 is not to continue with what you are comfortable, but to develop a new relationship with food and to learn to be comfortable with healthier choices.

A little juice as a sweetener in a recipe is okay, but drinking juice during a Whole30 is not. Your body deals with liquid food differently than whole foods. You can drink food faster than you can eat it, so juicing and drinking smoothies tends to slow satiety and lead to over-consuming. And we never want you to replace a meal. During the Whole30, we ask you to eat at least 3 real meals - protein, fat, and veggies. You can eat more meals if you are hungry, but you should not be eating less than 3.

No protein powder is okay during a Whole30. Vegetarians might do a modified program that includes legumes or a protein powder, but then their experience won't be the real deal. It may be a good experience with genuine benefits, but it is a step down.

Read through the Whole30 for Athletes section to see what others are eating before, during, and after long runs.

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