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What do you eat pre workouts


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How long is your workout?  Have you always eaten a pre-WO?  I'm from the intermittent fasting crowd, I work out fasted from dinner the night before then feed to recover within two hours.  That doesn't suit all people, nor do I mention it to preach.  :)

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Hi Everyone!


Happy New Year!  Day 1 for me.  Very excited and nervous.  My question is I workout at 5:30 am MWF and what do you do to fuel before??  Also what do you eat for breakfast after?


Thanks so much,




I moved this thread to the Whole30 for athletes forum. Browse through here for many possible options for you.


The Whole30 recommended pre WO fuel is protein and fat, and post WO is protein and carb.  If you're going to have the postWO fuel, have it within 15-30 minutes after your exercise. Otherwise, just have a template based breakfast later of protein, veg and fat.

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