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1/3 of the way through!!


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I will officially be 1/3 of the way through my Whole30 after today!! Woohoo!! Despite the lack of support I have had from my family (who are coming around) I am sooo pleased with myself and feeling much better. I am still having trouble with dreaming or "fantasizing" about foods that are no good for me. This has certainly been a psychological struggle this far.

I suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and am still feeling some effects of the disease, although not as many before. For other sufferers out there, did you find it took longer than the 7 days listed in the book? What about specific foods that are allowed but bothered you? I haven't been eating nuts and it seems to be helping somewhat.

My next problem is becoming creative with veggies? Any suggestions?

I would love any support or comments!

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I too suffer from ibs which is a bit hard and for the first few days I found I was getting pain and boosting whenever I ate.yesterday ..day 6 was a bit better.

I have quite a list of foods that I cant eat like avo,cucumber and many fruits.and I must admit I am a bit afraid to try them

I have been eating a lot of nuts and I will try leave them out as my stomach is not great.

You are right,this is more of a psychological struggle

I miss grains and find myself wanting things like yogurt which I cut out years ago for the ibs

I am a bit lazy about cooking

I make a huge pot of veg soup with veggies I can eat and eat tht for lunch

Now I have decided hb eggs for breakfast

Dinner is easier as I have to cook for the family

But this has made me realize how I often eat from boredom

I have always been a pretty healthy eater ...no sugar lactose etc for the ibs yet taking away these few extra things is killing me

Congrats for getting so far

day 7 begins for me today .....30 seems very far away and I think I should stop looking ahead

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My wife has rolled her eyes and just sees this as another in the long line of progressive "plans" that I have been on. I often get the "how are you eating this week" quote. She tries to understand but I do get that my occasional moving target can make it difficult...


In all seriousness, she has been great considering I have been "improving" since 2009 with some great successes, some mis-steps and some refocusing.

Paleo has worked well and I am a fan of trying this 30 Day reset.



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Congrats! I have just passed the 1/3 mark yesterday too! :) What a great feeling!!! My stomach feels much better than it has in the past; I used to have lots of bloating, gas, and cramping, and that has reduced tremendously! But, I did have 3 days the beginning of this week where I couldn't poop, so that was frustrating and very unusual for me. So yes, it took longer than 7 days for my stomach to straighten out. A couple ways I have made veggies:

Roasted cauliflower: put olive oil and lemen juice in a cake pan, throw in the chopped cauliflouwer (i chop up a whole head of it), and season with cracked black pepper, garlic salt, or lemon pepper. Bake in the oven at 350, turning every so often, til done! Sooooo tasty! The lemon juice really adds flavor!

Baked sweet potato cubes: peel and cut up sweet potatoes into cubes. Put in cake pan on baking sheet with olive oil, tossing with whatever spices you want. I used garlic salt and cracked black pepper. Mmmmm! Bake at 400 til done, turning often so they don't burn. These are even delicious eaten cold!!!

Usually I make my avocadoes into homemade guacamole, but someone recently told me you can crack an egg into half an avocado and bake it in the oven!!! Sounds delicious! Can't wait to try it!

Keep going strong! :)

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