One Good Whole30 choice I made today is:

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If I had to choose between thin and fit - I would choose fit every time.

Does being thin really make you happy and free. There are people who weigh well over 300 lbs and they're happy and free.  "Thin" doesn't come to them as a side effect of being happy and free.

Being thin isn't the same as being healthy.

Thin people may have a genetic variant that still puts them at risk of T2 or heart disease.

Being thin does not guarantee perfect health.

It's virtually impossible to judge Happy Awareness and Freedom by looking at the outward signs of being thin, thin, thin.

I don't equate being thin with happiness or freedom. The assumption that thin or skinny people are always happier is not always true.

Life is too short to find all of your happiness in being thin. It's not easy to find happiness within our innermost being and it's almost impossible to find it elsewhere.



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So who's going to make it to Day 30. Who's going to take the Slow Roll with you when you go?

I'm laying back in the sagebrush, still reading the forum.  It's so easy to miss the magic.  The possibility of a real life change. Food Addiction Recovery is about no longer being a slave to a diet or impulsive cravings and being led around by the nose. Thrill eating is only going to put you deeper in the hole.  It's the real invasion of the body snatchers.


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There are days it's difficult to let sleeping dragons lie and not rekindle my thread.  I see my words out there in the Universe and think let sleeping dogs lie and rest peacefully. Leave things as they are. It was a time within a time. 

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