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What's the stance on flavored coffee grounds?


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I like a cup or 2 of coffee each morning, but miss my milk. Coconut milk doesn't lighten it enough for me-- still tastes too bitter. I've found that adding a little flavored grounds (hazelnut) does the trick to soften the flavor, but I suspect there's something not nice about the process b/c I can't find any natural/organic brands that come flavored. The ingredients say "coffee, natural and artificial flavor". I guess I'm answering my own question by typing "artificial", but wondering just how awful one scoop in a pot of otherwise organic coffee is?

Also welcome suggestions. I sometimes have one cup with clarified ghee/MCT oil stuff ("Pure Coffee" brand)-- zapped in the bullet blender to make it creamy and frothy-- but don't know that another tablespoon of fat is a good idea if I want a second cup?

Thanks in advance!

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Officially, natural and artificial flavors are not against the Whole30 rules. Many people choose to avoid them, because it's hard to know exactly what's in them, and if you search Whole30 flavored coffee, you'll find lots of past discussions where people have talked about what exactly gets done to coffee to flavor the coffee beans, which makes it sound like something you might not want to consume. (This thread, for example.)


If you're having plenty of protein and vegetables, extra fat probably wouldn't be the most horrible thing in the world, but it might affect your appetite for your next meal.


Have you tried adding just a tiny pinch of salt to your coffee? I know it sounds nuts, but it can help cut bitterness. Just don't use too much, you're not going for salty coffee. I've also read that baking soda may help. Many people swear that making coffee in a french press is less bitter than a regular coffee maker. I personally found that I prefer blonde roast coffee over the darker ones, although I still prefer it blended with coconut milk and/or coconut oil. Mostly, I just drink a lot less coffee now than I did when I added creamer or half & half to it all the time.

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