Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed Tomorrow...

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Hi all,

I've been trying to follow the Whole30 plan and doing fairly well, with a slip-up here and there. I'm going to pay to have the emails each day and start in a week or maybe a little more than a week and be very strict. I am just worried about starting right away, because I'm having surgery tomorrow morning to have my wisdom teeth removed.

Which is why I came here for advice. The surgeon is saying no solids (obviously) for a few days and recommending yogurt, etc -- mostly non-Paleo choices. I'd like recommendations on what people here think would be good to eat. I'm reading not to drink large fruit smoothies but I don't feel like turning my eggs or meats into smoothies. :/

I was thinking I could try to make primarily veggie smoothies with some fruit mixed in, and mash up sweet potatoes. It just seems like it might be impossible to get the protein I need while I'm healing, unless I do purée meat/eggs. Okay, that's grossing me out.

Any suggestions? The veggie/fruit smoothies and mashed sweet potatoes are all I have so far.

Thanks for reading!


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Scrambled eggs are soft and don't require much chewing and you can never go wrong with bone broth. Egg salad is also soft and low on the chew factor. Sweet potatoes and squash are good choices. Well mashed tuna or sardines might work as well, soft easy to get down.

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Had all 4 taken out about 4 hours ago. Starving but it KILLS to eat. So far I've had kale/banana "ice cream" and half a container of applesauce. Starving and REALLY looking forward to tomorrow.

Was told at surgeon's office that I can have scrambled eggs in the morning. So I'll be eating my usual breakfast (eggs cooked in coconut oil and avocado). Will just have to eat them scrambled and mash the avocado up. Interesting that the Whole30 actually adapts better to this surgery than a regular diet would, for me. When I think about what I used to eat...

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