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Fat portion in meal template / hungry

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I am now on day 18 (I think, losing count) and all is well. I have a question about the fat portion though and how it relates to the content of the food you eat. I think I've been following the meal template, but I presume it will need adjusting if your protein source is high in fat (eg fatty meat vs boiled egg). Reason I am asking is that I am still quite hungry in the morning and I am wondering whether to up the carbs, the protein, or the fat (or everything!!).

Breakfast today was two fried eggs, fried veggies in coconut oil (potatoes, turnips, broccoli), with oil from pan tipped on plate, palm sized piece of smoked salmon, half a banana, v small handful of blueberries, and black coffee. Tried to tip any coconut oil used in cooking on my plate. About an hour after eating I did go for a quick 15 min run after which I had a hard boiled egg and green tea. Lots of water all morning as I wake up with raging thirst in the night and especially first thing in the morning.

I was hungry about two hours after eating. What could I add to help me feel fuller longer... Just more of everything? Or do I need to focus on, say, fat, I was counting on the coconut oil used in cooking and smoked salmon for my fat content. Is that enough for the 'thumb sized portion' of fat or should that be a separate addition?

I have tried coconut milk in coffee but it makes me feel a bit sick, so I am preferring it black.

Oh and I am nursing too! But I dunno, I have been nursing quite a long time (4 years in total across 2 different children), I don't know whether that is really making that big a difference to my need for calories these days.

I just feel hungry by mid morning every day, and I don't think it's sugar cravings as i have been mostly sugar/sweetener free for almost two months before embarking on the Whole30. I am definitely hungry enough for fish and broccoli... But I don't really want to add in loads of extra meals either as it's hard fitting them round looking after two children. So if I could tweak my current meals that would be preferable for me. I get hungry between meals 2 and 3 as well but it's less intense in the afternoon. I never weighed myself before I started the Whole30 so I wont know whether I have lost weight but I think I have, I am happy with this to a certain extent as I was probably carrying a few extra lbs, but I don't think I should be losing much more.

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Try leaving the fruit off and replacing it with more veggies. That sugar hit in the morning could be keeping preventing your blood sugar from stabilizing.

What was your intake like before you came to Whole30? Sometimes when people start eating nutrient dense foods after a poor diet previously, their body just wants more, more, more and the best way to deal with that is to eat more of everything.

Where are you in your cycle? Many women need more food during and leading up to their periods. I assume you have yours back after all this time?

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I usually don't include fruit in breakfast, today was an exception as my one yr old left a bit... Maybe why I feel more hungry than usual. Am now really tired post lunch.

Cycle wise I don't really know tbh. I have got my period back but only had it twice, and I am currently on day... 55ish of cycle... And nothing (def not pregnant btw!) Am assuming it is because of nursing and things settling down rather than anything related to Whole30 but I don't know, I have never gone this long before.

Diet before was ok, I rarely ate processed foods and ate loads of veggies, fruit, fish and meat. I had a bad sugar/grain habit but I started knocking that on the head after Christmas, so got the worst of my carb flu out of the way well before tackling the Whole30. Main change for me now is leaving out the dairy and pulses, trying not to rely on fruit/nakd bars for sugar hits and not snacking. In general I do feel better for eating like this, I should probably just try tweaking things a bit e.g. adding half an avocado at breakfast and seeing if that helps.

Actually another factor is that I have only just started running again after a long hiatus. I have been walking lots, often at four year old pace but usually wearing the baby and covering fair distances, but not done any strenuous cardio for quite a while. Maybe body is just adjusting to that, too. And the quality of my sleep is often.... Interrupted!

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