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I completed my first Whole30!


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I started my Whole30 on February 15, the day after celebrating Valentine's Day and my husband's birthday. Yesterday, March 16, was my day 30.

I was completely silly and didn't weigh and measure to get a starting point on day 1, but I did on day 3, so my losses might be a pinch more than shown here.

Measurable Results:

Weight lost: 6.7 kilos/14.7 pounds
Inches lost: 

Bust: 2.5 inches

Waist: 3 inches

Hips: 1.75 inches

Arm: 1 inch

Thigh: 1.25 inches
I also went down a clothing size.

Not measurable Results:

Learned to control my food instead of my food controlling me.

Started regular exercise.
I kicked my sugar addiction.
My skin is clear and firmer.
My tummy is noticeably smaller.
I fall asleep quickly, and stay asleep until morning.
I usually wake up 10-15 minutes before my alarm goes off.
I don't crave sugar and processed foods.
I didn't eat out for a month, and no longer feel the need to.
I learned how to cook healthy meals at home.
No heartburn.
Significantly more energy, sustainable through the day.
I've learned to appreciate and love veggies.
Fruit has become sweet enough to feel like a true treat.
My nails are healthier than ever...strong, with no chipping.
I'm never bloated.
I'm more optimistic and positive.
I have a lot more patience.
I'm kinder.
Sorry for the TMI, but no toilet issues! Healthy, regular BM's.
No more pain and tension in my upper back and shoulders.
Less stressed, even though I'm putting in more time and effort into my health habits.
More productive.
No snacking...my meals leave my satisfied until my next meal time.
No longer need or want sugary drinks.
Healthier relationship with food.
No longer feel the need to binge.
No longer feel compelled to finish my plate.
I've learned to listen to my body's hunger/satiety signals.
I've learned to be as mindful of ingredient lists as I am of nutrition labels.
I no longer use food for comfort or reward.
I ever feel deprived.
I eat without guilt.
I spend less money on my weekly food shop, and I know every dollar is spent on improving myself.
I no longer feel like a hypocrite. I know whats good for me, and I'm living my life that way.
I found the confidence to be open and honest about this journey I'm on. I used to be embarrassed, and resisted sharing my attempts at weight loss, because I knew in the back of my mind that I wouldn't stick with it.

The most amazing changes have been mental. I finally believe in myself. I know I have the tools for success.

I love Whole30, and look forward to the next week or two of reintroduction. I'm also going to do another Whole 30 in May 2015.


You can find my Whole30 blog at kelseyswholelife.blogspot.com and can see my result pictures on my Instagram, Kels2.0. (I can't get it to upload photos here...I'll try again later)


Thank you to everyone to posts on these forums...I'm often silent, but I've learned so much...what a great community.

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I don't like admitting when other people are right, but I'll happily say Whole30 changed my life! I shared my results with my friends and family on facebook yesterday (I moved from SLC, Utah to Australia 3 years ago, so most of my f&f keep tabs via FB) and ended up staying up waaaay past my bedtime as I had so many of them facetiming and messaging me to tell me how amazing I'm looking, and asking for more info on the program. Thank goodness "Just visit whole30.com and it has all the info you'll need!" does the job :)


Thanks for all your kind words!

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