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Super Hungry

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I've looked through the forum already at some of the suggestions for feeling hungry but am still needing a little guidance.  I'm on day five and am super hungry about two hours after each meal.  Yesterday I tried a mini meal but was still hungry after finishing it.


I cook everything in olive or coconut oil. Typical day looks like this:


Meal One

breakfast potatoes (sweet and white mix) about 1 cup

broccoli 1 cup

palm portion of compliant breakfast or andouille sausage

two eggs

1/3 cup coconut cream in coffee with cocoa and cinnamon


Meal Two

usually leftovers from the night before

one chicken breast

1/2-1 cup carrots


heaping handful coconut flakes

homemade almond butter


Meal Three

two portions of pork loin

smoothie with 1/2 cup coconut milk


roasted zucchini, bell pepper, carrot, and onion


I feel like I'm getting correct portions of fat according to the portion guide on the meal planning template but I'm still hungry within two hours of each meal, with afternoons being super hard.  Suggestions?  FYI, I hate avocados so don't suggest those for more fat :)

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I'd say eat more food in general. You're eating at the low end of the template guidelines so add more of everything. My dinner plates are crammed with food to the point where there's little room for anything more. Add *at least* an extra cup of veggies to each meal, and make sure there are some starchy ones in there. Smoothies are a no go on whole30 so that will have to be replaced with actual food - probably more protein - and I'd probably drop the almond butter. 

Compliant bacon could be another way of adding fat, which tastes great when chopped & roasted with mixed veg slathered in a mix of spices, coconut oil &  ghee -  I tend to find when I'm using this as my veg option for a meal it keeps me satiated for much longer.


Also are you drinking water? Dehydration can often be mistaken for hunger...

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You may be eating enough protein and fat, but you could stand to double or triple the volume of veggies that you are eating. And then add a cup more just for good measure. :)


By the way, smoothies digest faster than whole foods, so whatever you include in the smoothie burns through quickly and you get no lasting satiety. 

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