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Greek Food


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Pretty much all Greek food is cooked in Olive Oil - at least it was in Greece when I lived there for 8yrs!

There are a few oven cooked dishes that will have pasta/orzo of some description, but for the most part any freshly grilled meat or fish should be fine, as well the gyros (provided you can see the layers of meat as opposed to the pre-prepared stuff some places used to sell) will all be fine.

Squid, octopus, cuttlefish, spit roasted lamb, kokoretsi (liver/kidney/spleen etc spit roasted)...... all good choices.

Anything you'd need to avoid should be fairly obvious - feta, tzatziki, pastitsio etc - but like anywhere just ask first to be on the safe side. Biftekia (beef patties) tend to have bread crumbs added so avoid those...

Love, Love, LOVE Greek food...!!  :wub:

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