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Honest - but DUMB - mistake

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I was eating some celery with sunflower seed butter the other evening.  I'd had sunshine sauce on this W30, but not just straight sun butter.  I remember not liking the taste from my previous w30 in 2013.  But this was good.  It tasted almost... sweet?  So I go check the ingredients list.  Not only do I see cane sugar listed, but also roasted soybeans!  I look at the the actual front of the label and I had accidentally bought soy nut butter!!!


I can only assume that, with a heavy basket of groceries weighing down one arm, I had to pick up and put down the sun butter jars as I compared them.  And then, when I grabbed the one I wanted to check out, I just grabbed the wrong thing.  


It was not intentional and I've only eaten small amounts, so I'm not starting over for this.  Also, I plan to do a very slow, methodical reintroduction and it'll be almost 45 days between that last slip-up and when I re-introduce soy.  I think I'm just posting here because my inner Catholic feels the need to confess.  

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