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My routine is about to change...need advice

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Hi all,

This is going to be long but need some like-minded people to sort this out with. :) thanks in advance!

I'm on day 24 and need to bounce some thoughts around about how this next week will go and after Whole 30 because my work schedule is about to change.

Currently I get up between 4am-4:30 to either be at work by 5am or if I'm off work to WOD at 5:15.

This makes for a long day, but I try my hardest to get to bed by 9:30pm

Starting tomorrow, I will be going to working 3 second shift nights a week (Sun, Mon/Wed nights) 1 of those nights I won't get home until 11:30pm with WOD being at 5:15am the next morning. The other two night shifts I will get home about 10:30pm with WOD the next morning at 5:15am.

I'm really worried that this is going to catch up with me. I can't really WOD later in the morning because I have to get back home so hubby can leave for work. During the day I have 2 daycare kids that will start coming, so that messes with that too.

Basically I'll be getting 5 1/2 hours sleep on nights I have to work if I'm getting up to WOD the next morning. Scary stuff, I require sleep. Should I not get up to WOD those days? If so, that means I would only get to WOD On Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat mornings. I guess that's still 4 days week but long recovery.

On a lighter note, what about coffee.... Think I could have a cup at 4 or 5pm on work nights and not have it keep me up past the time I get home and want to go to bed?

Thanks again

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A good rule of thumb is not to exercise if you don't get at least 7 hours of sleep. Sleep is that important. And training 4 days a week is plenty of training. I've had good strength gains over the past three months training just 3 times per week.

Everyone is different with caffeine. I rarely risk drinking coffee after lunch for fear of it bothering my sleep.

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