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second whole 30 start may 25


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Hey there, did first whole 30 on January 5. Completed and felt great and have followed it by at least 8o% since then but I've noticed that in snacking all day on paleo foods: nuts, fruit, seeds, etc. so need to reset to the 3 meals a day thing w pre workout snacks.

Workout-hour hot yoga (did killer 6 miles uphill hike yesterday)

b-sausage and eggs

Pre-workout-egg and small peach

Post workout-egg white, 3 cashews

Lunch: chicken salad at pita, tahini and cauliflower, few cashews


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Adding cashews to your post workout meal adds fat. Fat slows digestion and keeps the protein you ate from getting to your muscles as quickly as it otherwise might. If you eat anything with protein in a post-workout meal it should be a starchy veggie like sweet potato or winter squash to replenish muscle glycogen. 

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You will need to ditch the butter for ghee or other oils like Extra Virgin Olive Oil or coconut oil, or avocado or olives... butter isn't allowed on the Whole 30. I would also bump up your veg too--shoot for 2-3 cups per meal, especially if you are having just salad greens, because greens break down and cook down to hardly anything. 

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well I posted my food yesterday but gone...weird. 


so for Day 2:


No workout

B: 2 eggs; 1/3 avocado

L: chicken, veggies, 1/4 avocado, dressing  (olive oil and balsamic)

S: Sunflower seeds (1 T); Fruit (cherry, slice pineapple)

D: spaghetti with veggies, ground beef, pork sausage (no sugar) and zoodles

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And day 3:


Weights in a.m. for an hour

Pre wo:  egg white and 1/2 banana

B:  2 eggs, Brussels sprouts, 1/4 potato (used coconut spray), few cashews

L: sweet potato hash, chicken

S:  egg white, 2T sunflower seeds (must get off my desk!); 1/2 banana.

D.  Salmon, salad with olive oil dressing, cauliflower and tahini

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Run 2 miles

B: 2eggs

L: Pineapple, seeds & egg


D:Salmon, salad, Vegetables

Absolutely did not eat enough today! Insane day. Will eat tons tomorrow.

And stomach hurt, bloated, etc. when I ate my stomach hurt immediately. Too much fruit. But at least I stayed on plan

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Absolutely did not eat enough today! Insane day. 

I don't think you're eating enough in general.

Eggs when they are your sole source of protein should be the number of whole eggs you can hold in one hand, which is 3-4 for most people.

Your meals also look light on fat & veggies which is contributing to your need to snack.

Pre WO it's best to aim for proteins & fats - not carbs - this will send the signal to your brain to burn fat rather than liver glycogen stores.

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Day 5

Thank you jmcbn- workout tons better with protein & fat pre wo

Weights and plyo

Pre wo: egg & 1/4 avocado

B: 2 eggs, sausage and potato

L: salad, chicken, olive oil and balsamic, sweet pot (1/3)

D: chicken

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Day 7:

Run 2 miles

2 eggs

Fruit (dried) & 1T almond butter


2 paleo meatballs

Chicken and vegetables

Dates (2)

This is getting pretty lonely here, the forums are so packed, your groups are way to big and no one leading the group. I know whole 30 too big but I don't think I would have made my first one if I didn't do 30 clean. 30 clean has better format, moderator and about 25 people per group. More $ but I think with it. Your website, however is packed full of info and its your diet after all. Just seems like there shouldn't a pricier more monitored option... lol there probably is!

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Hey there - sorry you're feeling so lonely... the food logs aren't moderated for the most part which is why there won't be much interaction here. The group threads tend to start out busy while everyone is excited & enthusiastic in the early days but they quieten down as the days pass. Have you tried joining in in a group of people with a similar start date for some company?

I participate in a thread called WD30 round up & ride' - we're an eclectic mix, some newbies, some veterans, but you'e welcome to join us.


As an aside I still think you aren't eating *nearly* enough. Try to stick to the meal template of proteins (1-2 palm size pieces), veggies (1-3 cups) & fats (1-2 thumb size pieces) for best results - eat enough to keep you satiated for 4-5 hrs to avoid the need for snacks. Remember that those recommendations are the minimums...

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Thank you! I agree the boards are way too busy. I will increase food- it' was 107 in AZ yesterday so food is just less appealing but eating big breakfast as I wrote this! I'm going to join your forum, thank you!

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