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Need ideas for cooking a prime rib?


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Hi all, I need some help. Sunday is my husband's birthday and he wants me to fix prime rib. I need ideas on either baking or bbq'ing it. It will be day 6 of my whole30. I know I will be longing for creamy horseradish & worcestershire....help!

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You can try making your own horseradish?  http://paleoleap.com/homemade-paleo-condiments/#s6 There are three different versions on that link.


And how about making your own Whole30 approved Worcestershire as well?  https://onceamonthmeals.com/recipes/paleo-whole30-compliant-worcestershire-sauce-2/


Can't help you on baking/bbq'ing methods though, maybe google?

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Hi it's kinda late but...

Prime rib whole should have a dry rub


I use Kosher salt 3/4 tsp per pound

With garlic powder and course black pepper equal parts

If you like the tang of horseradish use Dijon mustard and paint the surface first mix the dry ingredients in the bowl with 3 tbsp Dijon

Preheat oven to 500*

Bake on a rack roasting pan 15/20 mins per pound

Make sure it's room temp first up to 2 hours prior to cooking

Let rest loose foil 20/30 mins So plan ahead!

Plain ribeye steaks (prime rib) for the grill

Use s p garlic sesame oil or hot sauce lime juice and Avacado oil

Let sit one hour at room temp

BBQ grill 5min each side 500*

Always have a warm oven 200* to rest uncovered

For 10/15 min

or cover a platter with foil and serve

Good luck!

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Best tip ever (as above) is to make sure it is room temperature before cooking! it makes a world of difference to the finished meat. 


Personally I like it just very generously seasoned with salt & fresh ground black pepper then seared until crispy/crusty on all sides. However you do it make sure the meat is rested afterwards too. 

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