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Gas bloating and stomach pain


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Are you eating a lot of raw or cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, onions, sprouts etc)? Or a lot of nuts? Both are hard on the digestive system and can cause the symptoms you describe... 

It may be something as simple as needing a digestive enzyme or including more fermented foods - or eliminating something that may be a trigger.

If you post a few days worth of food/water intake we may be able to better troubleshoot for you.


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Typical day:

M1- two cups of coffee with coconut milk ( about two tablespoons each cup) crust-less quiche with spinach tomatoes and organic pork sausage, and a banana with cinnamon.

M2- homemade chicken salad with grilled chicken grapes celery walnuts and homemade mayonnaise over a bed of spinach half an avocado

M3- "chicken fajitas" wrapped in butter lettuce leaves with, tomato, bell pepper olives and salsa with half avocado

Lots of water at tea throughout the day.

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Hi Justice33

I've noticed there's no starchy veg

butternut squash yam potato


Zucchini is good too

You may need those for energy and absorption if your stomach is bothering you

I include a handful each meal

Also I take Tsp of organic apple cider vinegar

Followed by water if I get upset (not often)

My husband takes on a daily basis

Sometimes lettuce can be bloating to some

Papaya enzyme tablets may be helpful I've seen on other threads

Tea upsets my stomach and I've never known why

Check the labels some contain soy

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Justice33, I had issues with gas and bloating, too. I started taking digestive enzymes and drinking an occasional kombucha (fermented item), and that helped a lot. Try to have only one meal a day that's raw veggies and the others cooked. 


Zucchini is not a starchy vegetable. 

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Hi Justice - sorry I'm only seeing this now...


It's hard to tell with just the one day's worth of food but nothing here really jumps out at me that would cause either symptom apart from maybe the bell peppers, which can be tough to digest if you're eating them in any huge quantity. You don't mention what day you're on so it could of course be that your body is simply adjusting to a new way of eating if Whole30 is a big departure from how you normally eat.

Did you try adding more cooked veg rather than raw? Or add the digestive enzyme? Have your symptoms improved at all?

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MegaG - too much black tea, ditto.  I hear you.  You're correct, many teas do have soy.  Good one!  


Justice - bananas give me bellyaches.  Always have.  If you will, try some fish.  It's nice and mild, soothing.  Try not to eat chicken everyday and include some other proteins like fish or beef for your palate.  Oooo,  Kimchi, too.

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