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Lauras Food Diary - Start date of June 1st


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Those of you feeling tired early on, that is a pretty typical thing for the first week to 10 days, hang in there. Make sure you're eating enough, and include at least one serving of starchy vegetables each day -- sweet potato, potato, any of the winter squashes like butternut or acorn or spaghetti squash, or root vegetables like turnips, rutabagas, or beets.




Rather than a really detailed meal plan, you might like something like a weekly cookup, where you just pre-cook several proteins and some vegetables, chop other vegetables so they're ready to go, and then just mix and match those throughout the week. You can read about it here, or see a full week's plan with a shopping list and everything here.

Thanks, Shannon.  That's exactly what I found myself doing.  I thought I'd strictly follow the 7 day meal plan for the first week until I got the hang of it, but I found that I prepped so much over the weekend that I'm now using what I have in the refrigerator and its all working according to the plan.  It's been delicious, too!  I'm surprised my husband is eating what I make, too.  Tonight he opted for zoodles instead of pasta :)

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Day 5 was pretty good. I think Im moving on to the tiger blood stage because I was all happy yesterday and had a ton of energy! It was nice because the few days before that were pretty rough. I did have some cravings set in later that night but they went away. Ugh I hate cravings! Cant my body just crave a carrot for once lol. 


Day 5 eats:


Meal 1: Egg/veggie bake, bacon, melon.

Meal 2: Whole foods salad bar! Snuck in my own salad dressing, and loaded some grilled chicken on it. Also got a smoothie (compliant).

Emergency meal: Lara bar

Meal 3: Lettuce/veggie wrapped hamburgers with potato wedges. 



So if you havent been to a whole foods salad bar you are missing out. It is amazing. They have everything, for one. For two, they list the ingredients of each thing! It made it super easy to navigate! I went to the smoothie bar and asked to look at the ingredients of the apple juice that they put in the kale/berrie smoothie, and it was compliant as well. I know we cant drink straight juice, but we can add it to recipes and I considered that splash of juice an 'add.' I find myself not hungry between meals anymore, Ive figured out a balance of what I need. If these cravings would go away I would feel perfect! They only come right before dinner, so I probably need to figure something out there!

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And now on to day 6! I cant believe Im still going. Im so proud of myself. No slip ups, not even one. I look at every ingredient. I feel awesome. This is the most rewarding experience I think I have ever done. I need to thank my friends roommate for un-intentionally introducing Whole 30 to me! I think she may have saved my life!


So day 6 is my first non-work day whole 30, and for me - that can be a challenge. Ive always eaten worse on the weekends than I have during the week. During the week I had a schedule, I was busy and I stuck to it because I liked 'knowing' what was next. On the weekends I was pretty casual with my eating. Im scared to be home alone because there are snacks - of my boyfriends - that are non-compliant. No snacks I would really crave, but it seems like I crave anything I cant have. I know I can battle through it. Just need to keep myself busy. 


Day 6 Meal Plan:


Meal 1: Scrambled eggs with onions and peppers (lots), bacon, potato hash, and some melon.

Meal 2: Lettuce wrapped turkey burgers, two deviled eggs, green beans and asparagus.

Meal 3: My first restaurant meal. Hu-hot grill. Its a build your own stir fry. So I will know every ingredient :) And its unlimited so as much meat and veggies as I need!

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I havent posted in my journal in a while! I journal when Im at work and work has been crazy, therefore, I slacked on the journaling. Good news though, I am still doing great on my Whole 30. I havent slipped at all. I get all my proteins, veggies, and fats in at each meal. Im fuller faster and longer, no snacking needed. Its going great, and I feel great. Im really thankful that Whole 30 exists!


Yesterday I had a very stressful day. I was extremely upset, it was the worst. This is the first time, in a long time, that I have had a day like this. Normally I would gain comfort in food. It was often that I would go home and order pizza or chinese or something - often as in every single time I had a bad day. NO WAY would I have cooked a healthy meal with my prior mind sight. There was part of me yesterday that was like screw it I just want to order a pizza but then I quickly changed my mind. It took me a while to cook dinner, and I didnt end up eating until a little after 8, but I handled it well. Proud that I didnt turn to the bad foods. One thing I learned is that I need to find comfort in something else. My boyfriend gave me massage which calmed me down, maybe that is all I need?

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