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Rubarb?? Any ideas that don't involve sugar?

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Looking for your help and experience!


To support my W30, I joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Group and I get my first delivery today. One of the items in this week's box is RUBARB. I have never used it before and every recipe I look up pairs it with sugar.


I'm also going to get to try Pok Choi and Lamb's Quarter - I think I found stuff for those.


Looking for any advice on what to do with rubarb that keeps things on plan!


Thanks! Ruby

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Rhubarb can be treated like celery

Take a vegetable pleeler and run it over the top to remove the heavy strings rinse

Chop into l inch pieces roast 425*15min

with radishes carrots fennel turnip and s p red onion slices if you'd like with a generous oil sprinkle

Or you could still add it with strawberries and crushed pineapple make a chutney with pistachios no sugar just water 1 cup cinnamon reduce to half should thicken or you could add tsp arrowroot to water first

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