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Sabotage at the Doctor's Office

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I know weighing is a big no-no on Whole30. It's one of the rules not to do it. What happens if you've been avoiding the scale like the plague, and even went so far to step on it backwards at the doctor's office, and told the tech NOT to tell you the weight, but they still let your weight slip? Would that fall under Answer #4 in this post? http://whole30.com/2014/06/really-start-whole30/Or would the official line be that one should really restart in that case?

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Absolutely not...the point of the no scale rule I believe is so that results are not de-motivating and that weight loss is not the primary driver of the program. 


As long as you don't make choices based on what was told to you, I'm thinking you're fine to carry on.



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We take this rule very seriously, and you should too. There’s no faster way to sabotage your Whole30 than to subject yourself to weekly (or daily!) weigh-ins, but many participants find this rule the hardest of them all to follow. If you’ve been a slave to that $20 hunk of plastic, it’s time to set yourself free… at least for the next 30 days. Why are we so dead-set against tracking your “progress” based on body weight?


Ditch the Scale

Scale weight fluctuates wildly. Over the course of a day (or a few hours!) your weight can fluctuate by as many as five pounds—sometimes more—and that fluctuation isn’t at all representative of body fat gained or lost. Weighing yourself daily tells you nothing about your big-picture trend, and only serves to reinforce the next three points.


Scale weight says nothing of health. Is gaining or losing five pounds moving you in the direction of better health? It’s impossible to say, because that number tells you very little about what’s going on with your relationship with food, hormones, digestive system, or inflammatory status. And those are the factors that impact your health far more directly than body weight.


The scale blinds you to real results. By focusing so much of your attention on that number in the scale, you effectively miss out on observing the other, more significant, results of your efforts. Those results (improved sleep, energy, mood, cravings, athletic performance, recovery, or medical symptoms) could be motivating you to continue with your new eating habits—but until you stop obsessing about gaining or losing half a pound, you’ll never be able to see the health progress you’ve actually been making.


The scale maintains control of your self-esteem. It’s psychologically unhealthy to allow a number to influence your sense of worth, value, or self-confidence. And yet, that’s exactly what happens when your daily weigh-in determines whether you have a good day or  bad day, and whether or not you feel good about yourself. If this is your scenario, consider ditching your scale permanently, because you deserve better.


- See more at: http://whole30.com/step-seven/#sthash.l0gxLh8s.dpuf

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I see the heart surgeon regularly.  I refuse to get on the scale anymore.  I had to show them why and now they let me be.  It never helped and without it, I've knocked it out of the ballpark.   I was there yesterday.

My nurse ran into the gift store, (I was there buying more sunglasses) and she was loading up on candy for the office.  Whopping boatloads of candy bars, licorice and peanuts.


These are the same people who wanted me to weigh regularly a year ago.  They're stuck and I've shucked. The Whole 30 Mods told me to stand my ground a year ago.  I took all of it to heart.  You have to stand your ground.  


The Whole 30 was much tougher over a year ago. 


The language and rules were tighter.  If you were non-compliant, you were told to start over immediately.  You didn't add on days at the end.  Boom.  Start over.  I took everything to heart, literally....I didn't want to start over.   


I was compliant without complaint.   I'm not the same person I was last June of 2014.  My head reset took me further than my food reset.   


Standing my ground has helped me draw a line in the sand with my old habits that got me nowhere good.  It started with taking a stand and setting my will to WIN.  I was through with defeat.  No more jello for me, Mom. 

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