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Help I hate everything! :(

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I hate vegetables. I think I might be a super taster. I'm having a really hard time eating enough, because I can't seem to (literally) choke down enough veggies. Meat is ok, but I can't even eat any of the veggies I normally can eat, because I eat them all with some form of sugar. I have no appetite when I'm trying to eat meals, like literally gagging on food, because veggies are so awful, but then I'm so hungry all the time. This really isn't working! 


I need some ideas or recipes or surgical implants of new taste buds or something. Things that have sneaky vegetables are better, I have an eggplant lasagna recipe I make that is good, and I found a butternut squash version I'm going to try, but I just can't seem to eat a plate of meat w side of veggies w/out choking. This is pretty miserable. I don't know how to cook veggies at all, and most of them taste so bitter! 

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Have you tried roasting vegetables? Most of them are better that way. You may also want to try recipes with different spices and herbs -- try The Clothes Make The Girl and Nom Nom Paleo for some ideas, most recipes on both sites are W30, although there are some on each that aren't.


Here's a basic how to for roasting vegetables -- you can use any vegetables you like, roast just one kind at a time or mix them as this does, but it's the same basic idea every time. Cut up vegetables, coat them in some kind of oil/fat, and cook them in a hot oven, stirring them once or twice to prevent burning. This recipe calls for zucchini, which is actually one of the few vegetables that I personally don't like better roasted, but try it and see what you think.


You might like this Velvety Butternut Squash recipe. This Salmon Cake recipe has sweet potato in it. (You'd still need more vegetables with the meal to really get enough, but there's some there.) You can also make things like meatballs or hamburger patties with pureed or finely chopped vegetables. You may need to play with amounts to get them to still hold together. 


You might also try sauces to put over your food or to dip it in. There's a bunch here or here or here or google for even more.


If you're used to adding sugar to your vegetables, it's definitely going to take some time to reset your taste buds to be okay without that sweetness, but I think the only way you're ever going to do it is to stop adding sugar to things.

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Your certainly not alone in this as it's come up many times before on the forum.

Here are the links to a few past threads to show you are not alone, and with some helpful suggestions too:





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