Where did my commitment go?

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So I finished my first whole 30 two weeks ago. I was VERY committed. I made sure everyone knew what and why I was doing it. I took before and after pictures and measurements. On day 31 i weighed and had gone up a pound. It was so discouraging and defeating. I am an athlete and am in the gym everyday. I also had just started my month gift that week. But it sent me into a case of the i don't cares. I was so looking forward to have lost some weight. Anyways these past two weeks i didn't really follow the retinro. I have not eating grains but I my sugar demon is in full affect. I just want to eat all the sugar. I have had stevia and cream in my coffee. Also had some alcohol. I can see and feel the difference in my body, bloating and gas. 


I want to do another whole 30 or at least get committed again to do it one day at a time, but i seem to have this mental block.  How can i get over this and recommit to myself??



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At this particular time, do you think immediately restarting another Whole 30 is the right thing to do? Will it reframe what you want to accomplish?


Photos, measurements, weight loss.   Set that framework aside and reset yourself up for success.   The Whole 30 is not a diet and following rules without a plan for Day 31 and beyond seldom works. 


If someone loses 20 lbs in 30 days...did it change everything for them then?  


If someone regains all those pounds at the speed of sound because that's what quick weight loss does to a body...did it change anything for them then?


The dieting is the problem.   Give yourself some time to concentrate on your overall health and well being.   Next time,  do a Slow and Thoughtful Reintroduction Phase.   Thinking about what you want for the rest of your life separates the Dieters from those who capture weight stability like waaaaay into their futures. 

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^ This.

Whole30 is not a diet, although most folk who come here seem to be much more focused on the weight loss over and above good health. Perhaps you didn't have weight to lose. Perhaps your body had some healing to do first. Perhaps you traded fat for lean muscle. And perhaps if you commit long term you'll find that your body is at it's natural weight, and you'll find that, actually, your good with that.

Eating well for 30 days only gives your gut a reset and rids your body of inflammation, giving you a clean slate for trialling the foods you have eliminated to see what does and what doesn't work for you for your future. Throwing all caution to the wind on day 31 because you feel you've earned it is not the way forward - it's the way to land yourself right back where you started.

Think about why you did your first Whole30 in the first place and about what you hoped to achieve from it. Think about how you felt throughout the 30 days. Think about how your skin improved, your hair glowed, your moods were stable. Think about how you'd no need to snack because you were nourishing your body with wholesome food.

Think about whether you'd like to feel that way again, long term, way into your future, or whether that glass of wine, or that coffee with cream - which lasts only moments - is more important to you.

Then think about how this time around the reintro's will be just as important as those 30 days. Then think about when you're gonna start. 

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@jmcbn, thank you!  Today is my 31st day. I have recommitted to the process with a few modifications, and begin re-into as of now.  The major commitment is no scale, as well as, do the re-intro with the things I'm willing to re-intro.  I know sugar and dairy are a problem, so not intro'ing those things. The others, slowly, thank you for this post!!!  Very helpful.

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