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Don't feel well!

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Hi All,

I'm on day 30! Woohoo! I haven't deviated at all. My problem is that I am constantly tired and don't feel well.

If I try to eat the amount we are supposed to, I can sometimes gag because it's too much food. I am a small

person and have lost down to (was 118) 110. I know, I wasn't supposed to look. I don't need to lose anymore. 


I was diagnosed years ago with Hypothyroidism. I also have had eczema for a couple of years and it is slowly getting

better on the whole30 but has not gone away yet. I've never had the extreme energy you all are talking about. If 

anything, my fatigue is worse and I feel worse. I also have had chronic pain in my hips/rt. leg. That is slightly better.


Please help!



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HI Dani


Sorry you're feeling fatigued and in pain.... Many people who come to Whole30 with long term health problems find that it takes much longer to feel the full benefits of the programme as their body focuses on healing first & foremost. Many choose to continue the program for 45 or 60 days because they have seen some improvement and know if they continue on the same path that they will see more....

Perhaps if you could post a few days worth of your food/liquid intake we could take a look and see if we can't do anything about that fatigue....

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