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Greetings all,


Hubby and I are on day 21. I'm proud to say we've both been 100% compliant with the program, but there are some challenges to say the very least.


I can't say either of us have had the sudden burst of energy everyone talks about. That's not to say we've had less energy, it's just we don't feel like we have boundless energy. Perhaps that will come in a few days. Hubby is having a harder time than I am...he misses cream and sugar in his coffee and it's just about all he can think about. LOL  He really is looking forward to being done with this just so he can have cream and sugar again. He also talks about missing being able to go out and just have some bar snacks and beer. He posted something on his Facebook page about that. He definitely associates food with relaxing and having a good time. I don't see him continuing past 30 days with this.


As for me, my biggest goal is to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Do I think about having a glass of wine, or a bowl of ice cream? Yes, yes I do, however I feel like I can restrict those things to special occasions and not have to have them every day. I won't ever go back to using artificial sweeteners and I will always read labels closely. One of the absolute best things to come from this "adventure" is finding out how many items contain added sugar. It's crazy!


I plan on sticking with the things I've learned about clean eating for both myself and my husband. He'll be doing clean eating most of the time because I'm the one who shops and cooks after all. :-) Once we are finished with Whole30 it will be all things in moderation.




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Good for you & your NSV's so far. Feeling that you can restrict the wine & ice creams to special occasions is a great result, and you've stil a way to go!

Is your husband eating meals in proprtion to HIS palm size? And is he including adequate fats & proteins to stamp out those cravings? Did he just come along for the ride to support you? Or did he hope to see some improvements in his health?

No two people will see the same results because we are all starting from different places & with different goals in mind...

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Well, I'd say he came along for the ride mostly. I, on the other hand, want him to work on his health. He has high blood pressure which is controlled by 2 different medications, and high cholesterol, which is controlled by simvastatin. Fortunately, his blood sugar is fine, but had been borderline about 6 months ago. He really, really hates being so restricted so tends to fight back (in a whiny, cranky sort of way, lol). We have a couple of friends who turned us on to Whole30. The guy in the couple has lost almost 100 pounds so he's a huge inspiration! They do Whole30 twice a year as a reset to stay on track.


Hubby and I have talked about all of this and he's willing to work on things in moderation. Whole30 really is extremely restrictive and really, really hard to stick with as a lifestyle, 24/7- 365. To be honest, we were eating clean about 75% of the time, but got carried away on the weekends which started bleeding into the week. I look at Whole30 as a way to get back on track.


It will take a LOT of convincing for my dear hubby to do this again. :unsure:

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Whole30 really is extremely restrictive and really, really hard to stick with as a lifestyle, 24/7- 365.

Whole30 is not designed to be Whole365.  It's intended to be a nutritional reset, where afterward, through reintroductions, you decide how you want to eat going forward.  You may discover, for example, that off-roading on weekends no longer works for you. One option. post-Whole30, is to choose to eat "clean" (whatever that means for you and/or your husband) at home and then be more relaxed about other options while dining out or at someone else's home.


While you're on a Whole30, it might help to reframe how you're thinking about the journey. Instead of treating it as feeling restrictive, consider all the countless wonderful and tasty whole foods you can eat while you're nourishing yourself.  


If you feel stuck, resources like Robb Wolf's Paleo Food Matrix  and the Whole30 seasonal produce guide can be useful in mixing and matching options.

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