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Coconut/Almond flour


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Can Coconut and almond flour be used interchangeably?

Have almond but found a few recipes that call for coconut...


Yes and no. Whatever you're looking to do -- breading meat or holding together zucchini fritters or meatballs (because I know you're not baking stuff, right?) -- you can do with either one, but the amounts are going to be different. Coconut flour seems to be drier and need less flour/more liquid than almond flour.


If it were me, I'd start by trying to find a similar recipe that used almond flour -- there's probably one out there somewhere. Or you could try the recipes you've found, but plan on probably needing a little more almond flour than you would coconut flour.

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On the topic of coconut flour, does this ever cause the GI symptoms that gluten or non-gluten grains cause?

Hi Alison,


Coconut products can be problematic for some people and can cause digestive distress/upset, for sure.  Usually in the instances that Whole30'ers are using coconut flour (for light breading/thickening) I would find it unlikely unless a person was highly sensitive to coconut.  In the instances where the "paleo" world recreates all their baked goods using coconut flour it may be more common.  Coconut flour is extremely dense and it's pretty easy to get a huge dose of it when eating paleo baked goods on the regular.

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