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Starting August 14


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Hey Group,


It is difficult, in a way, to come back. I completed a Whole30 back in 2013. Then I completed at least one more in 2014. I went for a Whole100 soon after. 


The short version is that life got in the way and I made excuses. There were too many funerals, too many financial situations, etc., etc. Days of eating crap turned into the weeks that turned into the months, and now it is 2015.


For the past couple of months, I kept going back in my mind to the Whole30s I completed. It is the only time I have ever had success. I am another person who bought all sorts of books and watched all sorts of PBS specials. The Whole30 way is the only way that ever got results for me.


I'll try for a quick background. I have about 100 lbs. to lose. This November makes 25 years as a Type 1 diabetic. I was diagnosed at the age of 12, and have been on insulin since day one. I have mild neuropathy in one leg, I have a few skin issues, and a few bowel issues. My a1c was over 10. I know that if I don't turn things around, my body will eventually pay me back tenfold for what I have done. I have a wife, and two boys that I homeschool (I am a SAHD). I need to live.


I have short term goals of simply readjusting back into this lifestyle and making it a LIFEstyle this time. Hunting season starts next month, and I want to see how far I can come throughout the season as I improve my health. When I did my first Whole30, I had just gotten into hunting and I have not been back out since 2014. Treading through Florida forests and swamps is hard work, and dangerous if one is not in shape. I know that having a new attitude toward food will bring me closer to the attitude I want to have about life. Then I can pass on my appreciation for the outdoors to my sons; many children today are losing that appreciation.


Well, I'm back. I was not sure how much to share on the forum, but I do remember the support I had last time and the people I "met." I know that the support and accountability were contributors to my success. 


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