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MDR Whole30 Post Game Show


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Today is officially "the first day of the rest of my life."  But then, so is every day.  Today is the first official reintroduction day after my first Whole30 (Whole28).  As you can tell from my previous statement, I started reintroduction just a couple of days ahead of schedule.  Not quite 2 weeks into my first Whole30 I had a massive resurgence of anxiety issues that persisted until I found a supplement to help right at the end.  I expect to perform another (more restrictive) Whole30 after I've gotten settled with a new anti-anxiety routine.  In the meantime, I'll be working on taking reintroduction nice and slow.  I had some success in the first Whole30 with the following symptoms and will be monitoring them closely as I reintroduce foods.  I'll also be watching for emotional changes/outbursts

  • Inflammation
  • Rash
  • Joint pain
  • Sinus/nasal congestion
  • Headache
  • Low energy
  • Water retention

I'll be adding in foods ~ once per week, starting with the food categories that didn't seem to cause me trouble prior to the Whole30 and progressing to those that seemed to cause the worst symptoms and determining which foods are occasionally ok, and which are a "never again."  As a Celiac, glutenous foods are obviously already "never agains," so won't even be addressed.  I didn't eat any nuts through my first Whole30 as they seemed to cause issues before.  I'll be reintroducing them here too.


Week 1: Dark chocolate (soy free), Red wine (by association with the chocolate: small amounts of cane sugar, by association with the wine: sulfites)

Week 2: Goat milk/cheese

Week 3: Coconut

Week 4: Rice

Week 5: Walnut

Week 6: Peanut

Week 7: Soy - tofu, milk, tamari

Week 8: Cow milk/cheese

Week 9: Sorghum

Week 10: Quinoa


No combo foods until all of the ingredients test ok alone. These may be adjusted based on results.  The fewer issues the better (fingers crossed)


Week1, Day 2 - I have consumed soy free dark chocolate (cocoa mass and butter, turbinado sugar, vanilla) and red wine (shiraz) two evenings in a row with no ill effects.  **whew!!!**  The husband accidentally slipped some nitrites in in the form of prosciutto which did seem to almost immediately result in a full body rash.  Nitrites will go down by the bottom of the list for a more proper test later on.

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Enter PM itchy rash, scratchy throat, tiredness, and general icky feeling.  Rash and tired matches yesterday afternoon, which I figured was from the nitrites in the prosciutto.  Guess not.  Back to the drawing board... a day or two rest and then try the wine and chocolate again.

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I like your week by week schedule, seems well thought out.  Are you scheduling in any "off" days?  Say for instance that the first trial causes...oh, I don't know, a rash.  You need enough clean eating to completely clear that up before going on to the next item.  Otherwise you're just compounding potential issues one right after the other.


Consider one or two days of the test item, 5-6 days of Whole30 eating and then moving on to the next item if you want to keep it in one week increments?

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Sounds reasonable, Lady.  Unfortunately, with my inflammation and autoimmune issues, I may have a completely non-Whole30 food issue going on.  I think the nightshade family  may be causing at least some of the rashes.  This time of year the garden produces a whopper crop of tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants.  Cherry tomatoes, white potato, and eggplant are all a consistent factor in my lunches for the last two "rashy" days.  I'm seriously considering a 30 day nightshade family free period to correspond with reintroduction.  It may take a day or two for this rash to go away. :(

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Just over 24 hours without nightshades.  The itching was nearly gone and the energy level back up by morning.  The rash is fading.  I haven't had chocolate in that 24 hours either though.  Red wine happened last night in conjunction with coloring with my daughter, cuddling my grandson, and watching Fantasia.  It's been a very good day.  Going to continue the nightshade elimination and go at least one more day without the chocolate.  The weekend is as good a time as any to try chocolate again. 


It's really hard not to go crazy and EAT ALL THE THINGS RIGHT NOW!


In other news, adult coloring books are worth every penny in terms of distraction and stress relief.

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Day 2 no nightshades.  No chocolate for a second day too, but nitrites slipped in again last night in the form of cold-cuts.  Definitely not worth it for a quick meal.  I woke up this morning achy, with a stomach ache and my eyes nearly gummed shut, and the joint aches have continued through the morning.  The rash is still fading.  Seasonal allergies are a very likely source for the stuffiness and gummed up eyes, but usually not for the joint aches and inflammation.


It's frustrating that I'm having this much discomfort and I haven't even introduced the foods I really want to be able to eat.  Sigh.

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So... you're learning as you go, and also perhaps it would be worthwhile to go back to eating the really healthy meats?  Prosciutto and cold cuts, easy though they are, don't top my list of "best" proteins.  


I hope the nightshades elimination is helping!  


And can you say a few more words about the adult coloring books?   I never heard of such a thing.


ThyPeace, might be something for me and DD to do.

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