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Started Whole30 #1 on 9/9 -- avocado allergy


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Hello everyone!


I started whole30 with two of my girlfriends on September 9th. I'm loving it -- with the possible exception of missing cheese.. oh how i miss cheese. it isn't even the taste -- and it certainly isn't the stomach discomfort I'm missing  :o but the creamy texture. But I digress.


My two friends and I seem to be doing great together.. we send each other snapchats of our meals and give each other recipes we liked or ones that we have found in the book or websites...  and have shopped together three times since we started (6 days ago) BUT... most of their meals have avocados in them. (I'm uber allergic to them)


I printed out the shopping list and carry it around with me.. and I just can't find any healthy fats I really like. I love cashews and almond butter.. and I am coming around to coconut milk.. but I am eating way too many nuts (i think).  I am using olive oil as a salad dressing because that is the only other one that I can consistently use. I also use ghee and clarified butter when cooking eggs and other food.. but I read in the book that you shouldn't count the cooking fats as fat for the day.


I don't care for olives (although I am trying to. My gag reflex does NOT like the feeling of them...) 


Like I said.. I do love me some almond butter and cashews.. but I worry i will have too much of it. 


Any suggestions?





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I know you mention you don't care for olives but I actually found that they are an excellent cheese replacement - salty with a slightly creamy texture.


I don't do avocados either.  They disagree with me.


Another one I use is prosciutto - definitely got the salty part down.

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For olives, have you tried castelvetrano olives? I don't really care for olives, I tolerate some in dishes with lots of other stuff, but the castelvetrano ones I can eat straight out of the jar.

You should try making mayo too -- it will give you that creaminess, and it's a great base for creamy salad dressings.

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