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Setting Appropriate Goals


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I'm halfway through my first W30 and am making plans for life after. However, the guru that set me on the path suggests that I stick with it for longer than 30 days since I have a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, never eating enough, etc.


So my question is (and I promise I did search the forum first):


What kind of goals do I need to be setting for the next 75 days that are not scale-related?


Becasue apparently I've been brain-washed to a number on a scale.

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You might find this article helpful: 5 Reasons to Break Up With Your Scale. Within that article, they link to another, 174,203 Ways to Measure Your Health(Besides the Scale) -- it's also a good read.


I don't know that I'd set goals, per se, other than maybe things like trying a new vegetable each week, or if you feel like you should eat more salmon for the omega-3s or that you should try to eat more offal or something like that, or if you want to focus on exercise or sleeping better, maybe things related to that. Instead, I'd take a moment every week or so and think about, from the beginning of Whole30, what things have you noticed improvements in -- and write those down. Take that same list every time, read through it, expand on it. Maybe your skin looks better, nails are healthier, clothes fit better, people say you look like you've lost weight. Maybe you feel stronger, sleep better, have more energy (or at least steady energy throughout the day without needing a mid afternoon coffee or nap. 


If you have noticeable issues (skin breakouts, aches and pains, bad sleep), you could write those down somewhere to remind yourself to check in with those things and see if they've improved. I know during my first W30, I had a weird achy shoulder thing that I'd had for a while, and then one day I realized it hadn't bothered me in days -- I never noticed exactly when it stopped, but I realized it was gone at some point. 

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