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Day 5: Fading

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I had expected days 2 and 3 to be the most challenging. They are on MOST diet plans, but I survived them fairly easily- aside from a couple "go with the best option, even if it's not perfect" situations.

Today, however,I'm getting ready to murder someone. I am DESPERATE for something carby and unhealthy. I tried making a high fat/protein brunch of eggs and avocado with coconut oil before taking a nap. It didn't help.

To make matters even worse, I'm going to a youth rally tonight, followed by a possible trip to Sonic. Even if I pack my lunch, it's going to kill me to eat it while everyone else is enjoying corn dogs and tater tots. And tomorrow, I'm working a fall festival thing at my job...with FREE COTTON CANDY.


How in the world am I supposed to get past this?

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I always, on any diet or eating plan, find that it's all in how I psych myself up. I can either concentrate on not being able to have all the things other people are eating, which always makes me think 'poor me' and makes me feel really deprived OR I can concentrate on how wonderful it is, how lucky I am to know better than to eat all that rubbish which leaves me a tiny bit smug and makes it much easier.

That and packing some compliant foods that you really like :)

Good luck

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