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I did it!


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I just finished my first Whole30 today and I couldn't be happier about how I look and feel. I started the Whole30 on the advice of a coworker who had thyroid problems, and decided to try the Whole30 to increase her energy. I was so impressed with how she felt and looked, I decided to give it a try. I am a 46 year old female who is perpetually about 25-30 pounds overweight (between bouts of South Beach, Weight Watchers, and whatever else I think might help). On WW and South Beach, I still drank up to 6 diet cokes/day, ate processed foods (south beach diet bars, ww dinners) and experienced marked ups and downs in my hunger (mostly while on weight watchers). I also cheated all the time, eating sugary snacks every night (almost felt like an addiction....I hid my Reeses Puff binges from my family and fooled myself about how much crap I was consuming). I also suffered from acne and chronic acid reflux and was on meds for both, and was 25 pounds overweight.

Enter the Whole 30. Below are some of my experiences:

Carb Flu? I felt horrible the first few days and my Diet Coke cravings were intense. Once I got through that ....no problem!

Acne: Within two weeks, my skin cleared up for the first time in years. I went off the medication, and don't seem to need it!

Acid Reflux: Gone. Nothing. Zip. Off the medication.

Digestive Issues: No more gas or bloating. None.

Weight Loss: I weighed myself on day 29 and I had lost 5 pounds--not much, but I am ok with that.

I have been told I am "glowing" by several people and I just feel and look healthier.

I am a believer and I want to keep it up! I love how I feel!!!!


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Congratulations! It is a wonderful feeling, to finish it and feel so good, isn't it?

Do you think you'll introduce anything back or stick with it?

I finished a couple of weeks ago and have tried a couple of reintroductions and I feel better sticking with the whole 30 guidelines.

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Hi Angifi, I can't believe how good I feel! It is such a great feeling...especially since it has been so long since I felt this way (maybe I never have....) I am also struggling with what-if anything to reintroduce. I did have some gluten free bread today with my breakfast, and I really enjoyed that...so that is likely to be the extent of reintroduction at this point (1 slice of gluten free bread per day).

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