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Is it normal to feel very full all day?

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I started whole30 6 days ago and I feel extremely full all the time, no hunger pangs, no tummy growling...I am eating quite a bit (maybe too much) but am also working out about an hour a day. 

I feel like I MAY be eating too many nuts/avocados...is that possible, to eat too many?


On, ww i always felt satisfied..but the threat of hunger always lingered.....


any advice would be great.





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Its very difficult to know if you're eating too much without knowing exactly what you've been eating.

Nuts are notoriously hard on the digestive system & should be eaten in moderation due to their poor omega 3:6 ratio, so if you're eating more than a small handful every other day you may need to cut back on those.

Avocados are a high FODMAP food & can be problematic for some when eaten in any quantity.

If you'd like topost a few days worth of your food/liquid intake, indicating portion sizes, along with sleep/stress/activity levels we can take a look to see if you're on the right track, or maybe need to make some tweaks.

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I am doing eggs in the AM with some veggies or an avocado, after spin or a run, I usually reach for a handful of nuts and an apples. Lunch is usually a very large salad (greens and spinach) with carrots and grilled chicken and EVOO and Vinegar for a dressing...in the afternoon it usually is an apple or veggies with a handful of nuts.....


My husband has been working nights, so i've been doing a salad (with walnuts added to it instead of cheese..)


last night i made an almond crusted tilapia....with green beans...


lots and lots of water


I don't really practice portion control, I eat until satisfied...(i have a history of obsessing over calories and serving sizes so I try not to do it). 


Coming to this from weight watchers---I have some pretty good habits and the core/power foods program on ww is slightly different than this (they do dairy and grains)..so I am adapting pretty well. 

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Ok, the recommendation for pre work out is lean protein & fat - think egg, or a few bites of chicken with mayo/olives/guac. The recommendation for post work out is a lean protein and optional starchy carb - no fruit before as it sends the signal to your brain to burn carbs as fuel rather than fat, and no fruit after as it replaces liver glycogen when you want to be replacing muscle glycogen, and also no fats after as it slows down absorption of protein to the muscles when they need it most. Again postWO need only be a few bites. You should eat this in addition to your breakfast - and I imagine if you do so you'll negate the need for that afternoon snack.

You're eating A LOT of nuts - post work out, afternoon snack, at lunch & in main meals - you seriously need to cut back on those or your digestive system will suffer the consequences as you continue the program - this is most likely why you are feeling so stuffed.

Counting calories is totally against what Whole30 is about, but you do need to ensure you are eating the minimum recommended meal template of 1-2 palm sized pieces of protein (that's the length, width & depth of your palm), 1-3 cups of veg (with 3 being optimum and bear in mind that salad veg reduce down IMMENSELY when chewed so salads will need to be huge), and a generous serving of a healthy fat - so a dollop of mayo, a good drizzle of oil, a half an avocado, a handful of olives etc...

For best results ALL of your meals should meet that template, and meal one should be eaten within an hour of wakening.

Hope this helps.


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Super helpful!  I am eating way too many nuts, as well.  I am really going to re-evaluate that and replace with olives as my "salty salad topper".  It is always a learning process.  thank you for the insight!

Also know that if you are craving salty things it could very well be because your body needs salt.  Make sure you are salting your food!

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