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Day 17: acne & blood sugar issues are still here


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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to get some support, honestly, because I'm feeling pretty discouraged today.

I started my whole30 in order to get more energy, detox from sweeteners, recover my good paleo eating habits (too many dairies & protein powders lately) and get clear of my acne.

I started combining it with intermittent fasting (16/8) because for me it was a better way to manage my blood sugar during morning. No matter what my breakfast is, I crash about 5 hours later. But I wasn't getting good sleep and was feeling very tired in the mornings, so two days ago I decided to give breakfast a try to see if that could improve my hormones along the day and help me to sleep.

My working schedule goes from 8'30 to 3 pm, so I have my breakfast at 7 and I don't get to eat a proper meal until I get home at 4 pm, what give us NINE HOURS without food... So I guess i should snack around 12 pm.

I also stopped caffeine yesterday, also to help me healing my hormones and manage my arousal in a more natural way. I was using it basically to go through IF.

My acne is not getting much better. Rest of my skin looks definitely better but I still get pimples. For me, acne is a BIG DEAL and a main reason to do W30. I also feel that my blood sugar is not still well managed. I'm trying to include some carbs on every meal because I feel awful when lowcarbing.

I'm going to post my foods & sugar swings for today, to see if someone could help:

- 8 am (I got to have breakfast later today): turkey & some yuca (starch). Fermented cabbage and a glass of broth (I have found broth is a great substitute for coffee as it is hot and nice).

- 12.30: feel dizzy and week. Have a banana since I don't have a chance of getting some quick protein.

- 14'30: Some spanish gazpacho (tomato cold soup), salmon and pumpkin. One kiwi & one peach.

- 19'30: dizzy again.

All day long feeling incredibly sleepy.

I guess the sleepiness is related to the caffein withdrawal, but I still want to manage my blood sugar and get clear!!

Should I...

... limit my fruit intake?

... avoid snacking on only fruits (i know I should do this, ISWF states it clearly).

... just wait until my coffee hangover goes away?

... be patient?

... tweak something else in my diet (eliminating nighshades? FODMAPS??)?

I would really appreciate some insights and encouragement... I'm finding pretty hard to stick with the program because I don't do very good with food restriction, and I'm not finding the motivation to do it if I see that my skin gets worse... I've been struggling with acne for years and I'm so sick of it, reaally :(

Thank you SOOO much.

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My guess is that you are not eating enough overall. What you report sounds kind of light. I would make sure I was easing a palm-size portion of protein at least 3 times per day and maybe 4 times. And make sure you are getting some fat - at least a thumb-size portion 3 times per day. This may explain the tiredness. The acne should improve as you continue eating clean for a longer period. You only mention 3 servings of fruit in a day. We generally say 2-3 servings are okay, but if you have sugar cravings, it is best to replace fruit with veggies.

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Thank you both so much!

My period made its appearance today, which could explain the fatigue and bad moods I've been experimenting these days. Also the acne could be related... if I compare the breakout I just got with what I usually get at this time of the month, it's actually not that bad.

I cut fruit and carbs on breakfast and lunch and I am having them at night only, and they don't seem to cause any trouble at that time.

I will try to up the food as well, especially the protein and fats.

Wish me luck! :D

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