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My spouse takes tylenol and Ibuprofen regularly for his normal aches and pains.  Is there a pain reliever OTC out there that is a viable option?  Everything seems to contain dyes, additive, un approved starches.  I looked over the forums but did not see an answer yet? 

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A mod will probably want to weigh in, but my understanding is that OTC painkillers like Tylenol and ibuprofen are okay to take if you need them. But use them sparingly, and Tylenol is preferred since ibuprofen can irritate the gut. Also, anything doctor prescribed is always allowed.


However, I'm not sure of your spouse's context so if your spouse has been taking them for inflammatory pain that might let up during the Whole30 process, they might want to experiment with holding off on painkillers and see how things go. Just a suggestion. Best of luck to you two!

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