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Meal templates post Whole30


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Hello - I am on day 18 but have a question about life past whole30 and thought I would ask/plan now.


So, let's say that during re-introduction I find out that I am fine with legumes and non-gluten grains (making this up) then how do I incorporate those into the meal templates? Would legumes be a protein and grains something to eat in moderation? I'd really like to stick to the basic idea of meal templates as I find it one of the most valuable things I've gained from the program thus far.

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Hi Becca,


I'm IN Post-Whole30land and facing the same questions.  I generally consider the macronutrients of the foods for how they fit the template.  I would consider legumes and grains to be a starchy carb source, so I would sub either (but not both) for a starchy veg.  But then I consider that they have fewer micronutrients than the veg they are replacing, so I just don't think I will incorporate them often.


As an example, yesterday I tried my oat reintroduction.  I had 1/4 cup (measured dry) cooked oatmeal as the starchy carb post workout, instead of roasted squash.  Guess what - I prefer the squash.


Hope that helps!




-Lauren (GGG)

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