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Advice on handling Jet-lag


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Hi there!


I'm on day 6 and on day 9 I board a plane to fly from Vancouver to Halifax for work. I'm in Halifax for 3 days, then spending the weekend in Newfoundland to visit my folks before flying back to the west coast. I think I have a solid plan for eating on the plane, M1,2&3 for my days, and even navigating eating out while visiting home on the weekend. 


Here is where I am uncertain:


Its a 4 hour time difference. This usually translates into LOOOOONG days. Early morning meetings means I am getting up WAY earlier than my body wants, but the jet lag often leaves me awake late - and not unusually - up working very late hours, taking advantage of the late-night jet lag keeping us up (not so much MY choice...), and then up again early for meetings. As you can guess, we drink a lot of coffee and eat a lot of not great food to keep us going. 


Should I just be planning for an M4 if I need it? Should I try to go without the extra food?


Also a bit concerned about my flight back. I leave for the airport at 3:30am, which is 11PM in Vancouver. Should I skip breakfast for the 3 hours I am up getting myself to the airport and on the flight? I'm a good plane sleeper, so I plan to sleep most of the way home. Landing in Vancouver around noon, and I can find some compliant food then.


Not sure what to do....any advise from moderators or frequent business travellers would be amazing!


Thanks! :-)


p.s. I plan on posting my travel plan (the bit that doesn't account for the jet lag) in a separate post...maybe it'll be helpful for someone else...

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I would plan on eating within an hour of waking and then every 4-5 hours until you get to around 4-5 hours before bedtime. If that means 4 full meals or 3 meals and 2 mini meals, do what feels right to you. Don't skip any, don't try to draw out the distance between. Jet lag is hard enough on your body that it doesn't also need to be wondering what the heck is going on, food-wise.

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Thanks. That's solid, easy-to-follow advise. I think I'll plan for one extra meal a day, and if I need it, its there, and if not, no biggie. 


I'm feeling very grateful that my office is over a steakhouse and the big delicacy is lobster! I know we'll be easting out as a team and the most obvious options are something I can enjoy! :-)

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