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Hi everyone!


My name is Shaina and I am on my second day of my first Whole30 experience. So far so good. I've always been a pretty healthy eater (not perfect by any means) and am a generally active person, but my healthy lifestyle has sort of remained stagnant and unexciting for a while and I've been wanting to try something new for a while. In recent years I've also noticed I have a very sensitive and irritable stomach and sensitive, prone-to-break-out skin, so I am really really really (!) excited to see what, if anything happens throughout my Whole30 experience. 


I am feeling relatively confident in my ability to do this (hopefully that is not just the "newness" of it all) but I do have a question for everyone. I travel for work a few days a week... usually never too far away but some days I can spend up to four hours in my car. I've noticed it's a natural trigger for me to grab something to eat in the car - sometimes it was a bagel, a smoothie, trailmix, etc. Today, knowing that I had to be on the road I cut up some green bell pepper and packed an apple and a full water bottle. I immediately noticed how inadequate that felt to snack on in the car. Any advice as far as on-the-road snacking goes?


Looking forward to continuing this Whole30 with new and veteran members :)


- Shaina

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HI Shaina,

Our recommendation would be to break that "need to snack in the car" habit. Part of the Whole30 involves changing your relationship with food. We also recommend that you try and stick to meals that are 4-5 hours apart in order to give your digestive system a break in between.

If you do need a snack (because your previous meal wasn't large enough.....which you would then rectify next time...or because you have a longer stint between meals than 4-5 hours), we recommend it be at least two of the three macros (protein fat and carbs). Protein and fat or protein and veggies are your best bet for getting you through to that next meal.

The harder part is breaking your association with a food item specifically because you're in the car. ;)

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