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hearing conflicting information, need clarification


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I read and saw on you tube Larabar energy bars are okay in a pinch. But only certain flavored-excluding peanut butter. True or false?

Speaking of -almond butter compliant-heard yes but limit it ?

and heard eat as much as you want as long as is compliant.?

In a you tube video the lady said the goal is to keep sugar under 25 grams, I thought the goal is no sugar.

And last , basamic dressing says it has gum, 5 grams of sugar and coloring and yet I heard basamic is compliant. Is this true?

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Hmmm...unless you are watching Melissa Hartwigs on YouTube, beware of that information. To answer your questions:

Larabars, yes they are compliant in an absolute emergency....like you are trapped on an airplane on a runway for the next 6 hours and have nothing else to eat.

Almond butter, yes it is compliant but nuts are meant to be limited. They can be hard on the gut and hard to stop once you start.

For both AB and larabars, read your ingredient labels and make sure no non-compliant ingredients.

The sugar thing, there is no "goal" for sugar except to absolutely not consume any ADDED SUGAR. Many foods have naturally occurring sugars, we care very little about those.

Balsamic is alright but read your ingredients. Make sure no added sulphites, some balsamic will have naturally occurring sulphites, if it says that. You're fine.

Now, leave off YouTube and go check out the resources linked in my signature. That's everything you need to know.

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It sounds like you might be confusing "balsamic vinegar" with a pre-made "balsamic dressing."  These are two different things--one is a (usually, as stated before, check the label) compliant ingredient, the other is a prepared, processed condiment, which in most cases is probably not compliant. 


Buy a bottle of plain balsamic vinegar and make dressing as needed: vinegar, olive oil, compliant dijon mustard. salt.  It takes a few seconds to whisk together.

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You don't need to be looking at grams of sugar at all (i.e. on the nutritional information panel), you only need to be looking for sugar and it's cousins on the ingredients list.

Here's a graphic that may be helpful:


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