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Today and last Saturday I've found myself almost insatiably hungry post workout. Today I even had pre and post work out meals. Here's my day:

5:30 wake up, nurse toddler for almost an hour

6:30 3 eggs scrambled in a little ghee, 1/2 cup of tea with a little coconut milk

8-9 Crossfit style work out

9:10 bites of baked sweet potato

9:30 frittata with 4 eggs, zucchini, sweet potato and a little more of the baked sweet potato (1/4-1/2 sweet potato in all), 1/3 avocado

9:30-10:30 lots of nursing and chasing toddler around toddler gym class

10:45 rx bar, berries, tiny bit almond butter

11:00 more nursing, toddler finally asleep

12:40 coconut butter pack, zucchini (probably 2 cups) cooked in a little ghee, 2 small turkey breakfast sausages, 1 fried egg. It was at the point that I realized I wasn't hungry for the other egg or sausage.

As I'm writing this I realize it might have been not enough water and not eating mindfully. Eggs eaten standing up with my toddler, breakfast eaten in the car on the way to toddler gym, snack eaten standing while I chased toddler. Only finally when I sat down and ate without distraction did I realize I was finally full.

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Post-WO needs to include lean protein, especially a workout as demanding as crossfit. This article talks about what to have post-WO. That could make a difference. Not getting enough water and not eating mindfully can also make a difference, but keep the protein post-WO in mind for the future.


I'd also say that your RX Bar, berries, and almond butter snack may not do a lot to help you feel full or stay satisfied. You'd be better off having something more like a mini meal, with protein, fat, and vegetables. You could keep hard boiled eggs, pre-chopped vegetables, and mayo or guac or olives on hand to have when you're hungry, or make up a big bowl of chicken or tuna salad with veggies in it, so you could easily grab a spoonful or two when you need to eat fast.

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A nursing mother needs 4 meals per day, not 3. When you workout, you need extra food on top of that. So you are looking at basically 5 meals per day on days you workout and 4 on days you don't. And all should fit the meal planning template. You may not be used to eating like this, but your needs for nourishment are high. I think your hunger post-workout was a good signal from your body. I am suspicious of the signal you felt later in the day that it was time to stop eating. 


How much to eat
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