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Need some spice suggestions for a beef stew


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Was tickled because I went to our local farmer's market yesterday and there was a local farm selling grass-fed beef! It was the farm a friend from work had recommended, so I knew it was reliable. I bought some cube steak.

So I went on line looking for a good beef stew recipe I could make in my slow cooker - I love making stuff in that thing and I haven't used it for a while. Plus I love the smell on cooler fallish days.

The stew I found called for the cube steak to be rolled in coconut flour then browned, then cooked in the slow cooker in beef broth for seven hours. At the sixth hour, I added butternut and summer squash in lieu of potatoes. It turned out pretty good, but also was kind of bland.

Neither I nor my husband are big fans of garlic, onion, or pepper, so what kinds of spices could I cook this in to make it more flavorful?

It was also VERY filling. I barely finished half a bowl!

Thanks in advance -

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Nothing like slow cooked beef!

Mmm.. if you like mushrooms, one of my faves is a Beef Mushroom Ragout.

Mushrooms, (bacon if you have a compliant one), onion, stock, canned tomatoes, thyme, olive oil, salt & pepper..

Chuck something green in it towards the end so it doesn't go too mushy.. ;)

the only thing is.. pre W30 I'd put 1/2 cup of red wine in it.. not sure if you'd miss it. perhaps a smidge of red wine vinegar wouldnt go astray or even some mustard seeds.

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I use herbs de provence in mine along with some salt and pepper. It is delicious.

I agree herbs de Provence salt and pepper. I also usually put in a couple bay leaves. Just like chicken soup I like to use celery carrots and onion. Of course you don't like the onions so but what about the carrots and celery? :-)

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