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Reintro mistake...


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I introduced non-gluten grains last week and then had a few days Whole30.


I decided to introduce some gluten grains yesterday - as I was away from home anyway and there wasn't much to eat. I had a couple of white flour, white sugar packaged cookies there too (it was complicated, don't judge) so a decent amount of sugar. Got a major urge to go to the bathroom about 10 minutes later. Gluten or sugar, or both? I used to get it the whole time - this urge to go, upset stomach feeling after eating especially after breakfast. But I didn't get it at all during my Whole30.


I know I'm back on Whole30 now for a few days... then will probably reintro gluten again without the sugar and see what happens, just wanted to know if anyone had any idea what it could be?

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Were the cookies store bought, or home-made?

If they were store bought they could have had a whole host of other ingredients like soy, corn starch, dairy etc.

Sugar can cause that urgent need to go, but then so could gluten in those sensitive to it - and how gluten effects you may not necessarliy be how it will effect anyone else - which is why only YOU can determine the results of your reintros.

I'd be inclined to resume W30 eating once again & do a more controlled (& individual) test where I had complete control over what I was reintroducing, ie. knowing every ingredient that I was consuming.

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