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How much?


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From the reintroduction suggestions, it looks like the not so good food groups are meant to be had at each meal, but I've got two questions/concerns about this:

My body usually reacts quickly to the things it does not like, so on a reintroduction day, are you supposed to have the group you're reintroducing with each meal? Or would it be okay to only do it with one meal (I can't afford to be feeling ill at work and if that's the case is rather save the test for dinner) which leads to the second question, how do you know how much is enough to test? I already know dairies will be an issue for me, so I know it will only take a small amount to tip the scales but some of the other foods like legumes that I never noticed a reaction to have me wondering. I'm probably over thinking it, I just don't want to have done everything right for 30 day to mess it all up in the home stretch!

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If you only want to eat the test food once a day, you could extend your re-intro to have, say, the legumes every dinner time for a few days.  That will then give you a good idea if 'some' is okay but cumulatively not so much... or that you're totally fine with them.


Just make sure that after your few days of eating whatever the test food is, you go back to a few days of Whole30 to ensure there is no leftover side effects... 


Does that seem like it would work?


You can't really 'mess up' re-introduction so long as you're only eating one test food group at a time and leaving enough time between tests... if you want to have a 'bean week' or a 'non gluten grains' week and then a week of Whole30, that would work... 

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