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Day 25 hungry


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I am coming to the end of my whole30 and am struggling to stay full between meals. I work out 5-6 days a week with mostly bootcamp and running. Below is an example of what I ate yesterday


(Workout: 50 min bootcamp with sprints and weights)

prework out 1/2 banana

postwork/breakfast: 3 eggs + 1/2 banana w/ alittle almond butter and chia seeds

Snack (had to have it!): RXbar

Lunch: Crockpot chicken (chicken breast with salsa and sauteed onions) + small sweet potato + roasted broccoli + an apple

Snack (had to have it!): A few cashews

Dinner: Chicken sauage + roasted veggies + 1/2 large sweet potato + fruit

Snack: Frozen mango


Yes, yes I know its alot of fruit, but I had dinner at a meeting and they had fruit available so I went for it!


Any thoughts on what to add where to stay full and satsified?

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I see a few issues. It's hard to tell what your serving sizes are, but it's possible you're not eating enough at your meals.


Pre-workout should be protein and fat -- have a hard boiled egg, maybe with a little guac or mayo. Or some people use a bit of nut butter, though that's really just fat, not protein.


Post-workout should be lean protein and optionally starchy carbs -- so a few bites of grilled chicken or tuna packed in water and some sweet potato or butternut squash.


Those are in addition to your three meals, so then you'd eat breakfast, which you've skipped here -- if you'd done a real breakfast, you probably wouldn't need the RXbar.


All meals should have 1-2 palm-sized portions of protein, 1-2 thumb sized portions of fat (or a heaping handful of olives or coconut flakes, or 1/2 to a whole avocado, or a small closed handful of nuts), and 1-3 cups of vegetables.  


Don't snack on fruit by itself, it spikes your blood sugar and keeps your sugar dragon roaring. Instead, if you need to eat between meals, have a mini-meal of protein, fat, and vegetables, or at least two of the three.

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Thank you! If i am honest, I struggle with any type of prework out. I have a terrible aversion to hard boiled eggs and am not sure I can stomach protien in the morning. Same with post work :(  I work out so early the thought of having grilled chicken and a sweet potato seems impossible.


Hopefully I can think of some alternatives

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