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Can I take a fiber supplement before surgery


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I'm doing a whole 30 and having surgery. I'm bringing my own Lara bar to eat when I wake up so I don't have to eat their sugary graham crackers and drink their ginger ale, but I know from recent surgeries that I get really constipated from the anesthesia. One thing that really helps are simple over the counter fiber pills. I'm not sure if they are approved though!

Walgreens brand fiber therapy


Adipic acid

Calcium carbonate


FD&C yellow no 6 aluminum lake (????)

Magnesium stearate

Microcrystalline cellulose

Polysorbate 80


No need for these any other time, I'll get my fiber from food but post recovery?

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Make sure your doc is okay with them too, some surgeries you shouldn't have things like that.


You can get plenty of fibre from veggies and these are a lot gentler for your insides.

Magnesium and coconut oil would help with constipation too. If you can have coffee this works for some people too.

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Wood pulp...wow. I'm taking recommends for the actual foods I can eat that are highest in fiber as well.  I've done a bunch of shopping trips to prepare my husband for the fact that I can't walk and he's gonna have to make me whole 30 compliant meals so hopefully I've got all I need.


I've got coconut oil for sure. Any other good ones? Coffee sometimes works but last time I was under it was a big fail for me, the pills were the only thing that seemed to help, coupled with excessive amounts of water and coconut water.

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