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Indian food


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My boss at work does a yearly lunch with her team . This year it falls during my whole 30. Not going is not an option. We are getting involved to a local Indian place. I just need some help thinking about how to handle it. Do the best I can? Any thing to guys would be great.

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Look up the restaurant online and see what the menu looks like.

Then, when you've found something you think might work, call the restaurant during a non busy time and ask questions.

What kind of oil do they use, what is in the seasonings, is there dairy in the XX, will the chef make a special order for you, do they use soy etc...

Doing the 'best you can' is an option but knowing that if you consume offplan items such as soy, dairy, grains and sugar, you will have broken the Whole30 reset and need to start again. Your body doesn't know the difference between intentional ingestion of a food and 'doing the best you can' ingestion so you really need to do some homework before this outing.

The other option would be for you to eat ahead of time and then order a salad and bring your own dressing or something similar to that...

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Take some time to speak with them, if they seem too busy, ask for a better time to call back.


There are tomato based curries and (if they have one) roasted tandoor meats, but make sure to ask about gluten, grains, chickpeas & legumes, dairy (yoghurt, cream and paneer are common ingredients). Make sure they know you can't have rice, cornflour or chickpea flour (also known as gram flour). Ask what is in everything, don't try to avoid "causing a fuss" as Indian food is high risk. Be sure to mention you can have ghee, although you can't have other dairy.


Depending on how they are made (not all are compliant) you might be able to have sheesh kebab as a starter, tandoori or tandoor baked chicken (make sure it's not made with yoghurt or cream) or lamb saag for a main. Aloo gobi is a potato & cauliflower dish, but it's not always compliant. Most Indian restaurants serve kachumber salad, but you still need to ask what's in it.


There is a lot of non compliant stuff like butter chicken, anything from the breadbasket such as naan or poppadums or anything deep fried (any gluten free batters are usually legume based). Avoid any mixed drinks, they will likely have sugar syrup or dairy (including lassi which is made with yoghurt).

You're unlikely to be able to eat any of the desserts, unless there's plain fruit (check, even fruit can have added syrup or sugar).


It probably seems really scary right now, but if you can do this, you won't have trouble eating out in future, it's all about being prepared.

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