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Help with Reintroduction - Gluten


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So I just completed my second Whole30.  I did great on both, but completely messed up my reintro on the first Whole30 (as in, never did it.)


I am following the suggested reintro plan - legumes/non-gluten grains/dairy/gluten grains.  Dairy is tomorrow, and gluten is Friday.


I haven't noticed any reactions to either legumes or non-gluten grains.


On Friday (gluten reintro day,) I am going out to dinner with my friends.  Is there some way that I can tweak the reintro so I can have a nice dinner without stressing too much about what I am eating?  I don't plan on going crazy, but anything that looks good would probably combine two items from the reintro schedule.  I also wouldn't mind having a beer or glass of wine.


There is one dish that is gluten-free with pecorino cheese.  So maybe I could swap the dairy and gluten days.  But I am not sure how the glass of wine would play into it.


I just don't get a chance to go out for a nice dinner very often, and I am really looking forward to it.  Any suggestions appreciated!!







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You can re-arrange when you reintroduce any particular thing, but if you combine more than one off-plan food like wine and gluten or wine and dairy, etc. you will not be able to accurately identify whether the symptoms you experience were caused by one or the other or both. You might want to have a meal that combines them anyway, but you will need to test them separately at another time to figure out specific effects. 

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As someone sensitive to both, I would avoid mixing gluten and dairy before doing separate reintros.


If you want wine and something else, cheese would be better than gluten. Since dairy is tomorrow, how about holding off on the gluten until after your dinner?


Don't forget beer is full of gluten too :)


Just keep in mind if you have a strong reaction, you'll have no idea whether it's cheese or wine causing it (or other things in your dinner).

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